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  1. Mikhailthejackal


  2. I must admit i havent, but i did strip it to find it looks well lubed already.
  3. Yeah ive checked that, all mags are fine, ive ordered some new feed lips to see if its just wear affecting them, but the weird thing is the gen 3 just glides right into the mag well so it must be slimmer but it looks exactly the same, is there any difference between gen 2 and gen 3 other than the internal mag design?
  4. Ive recently purchased a open bolt WE 416 and have been having issues regarding the mags, all my mags are open bolt and always have been, ive used them for about a year in my WE PDW with no problems at all, ive put them into my 416 to find they are very hard to get in and when they do eventually seat, it will jam every 5 rounds or so. weird thing is ive got one of the new Gen 3 mags and that works flawlessly so far, anyone else had something similar?
  5. Adjusted my rifle bag the only way i know how, just add wood!!

  6. Aching from airsoft and a hangover are not a good combo.

  7. hmm, get the WE PDW or wait for the open bolt 416?

    1. faramon


      Open bolt conversion kits are already out for the AR series I believe? So just order both and change it to open bolt yourself.

  8. its sunny? how long was i out for?!?

  9. *edit* just realised what mags you were on aboot. Good to hear, going to invest in some.
  10. I believe i have used MAG (i think, they're black with HK trades, they look exactly like my real-caps), star and some random ACM mags, all of which are very tempermental and i just cant rely on them, im getting one of the Star l85 supplied mags and see if that works, weird thing is redwolf say the star/ares comes supplied with this mag but on the page it says its for the Shooters L85a2 series does this just mean ares/star? http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Magazines_SHOOTER_AEG_Std_Shooter_130rds_Magazine_for_L85A2_Series.htm
  11. All mid-caps ive tried in my STAR l85a2 wont feed, if they do its intermittantly, really annoying as i only can use Real-caps which feed every time! Can anyone reccommend a hi/lo-cap that will feed all the time?
  12. has kevlar made from beards

  13. Im reeeeeeally tempted to get either a MP9 or the Ksc Mp7, can anyone help me make up my mind on this, which is better/more fun/louder etc?
  14. Whats the difference between the PSO-1 and the POSP? Can you suggest a retailer to get one from (that will deliver to the UK)? *edit* Found a supplier, any body know how good this POSP scope is by Milspex? http://www.scopeandlaser.com/index.php?sp=...p;more=&lang=en
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