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  1. Man, it's like you took that first picture with a pin hole camera I made in primary school! jk Interesting. Well, if detonator or DyTac makes some 10-8 sight replicas I'll be happy. How's the front sight installed?
  2. It's just so bizarre to me that they'd go back to that rear sight design after remedying it on the stark arms Glocks. Perhaps the difference in head space meant that they had to do the TM Glock way on the M&P as well. Edit: looking at planeman's pics again while the engravings aren't "perfect" (but pretty darn close and easily good enough for me), I'm struck by what a fantastic job VFC did of replicating the melonite finish. That is definitely something they did right compared to WE/HK3P's attempt. I've heard reports that this VFC isn't quite as good as the VFC PPQ, nor as snappy as t
  3. Great pics. Do you think a RS back strap can be modified to work with the VFC?
  4. I was heavily involved in the pistol grip design but can't comment on that currently. I will say it's changed considerably since the few prototypes we showed at Shot Show. It also had a lot of input from shooters in the SF community as well as competition shooters. Regarding the ERG EPM capacity I suspect it'll be the same as the ERG PMAG (30/60). Though don't hold me to that.
  5. OCT did a decent job. ATEi didn't include stippling on the bottom of the trigger guard (maybe they did on the second run?) but in my opinion that is a bonus to have it there so kudos to that. Stippling overall is nice and even. Edges of the stippling along the perimeter are a little rough, but that is in large part due to the polymer WE used which isn't great compared to the real deal. The fact that OCT cerakoted the frame afterwards is also good though IMO unnecessary in most cases (but certainly not bad). Overall it's nice. Congrats! I just wish detonator didn't engrave .40 on the barrel
  6. No definite ETA though it is expected to be this year. The receiver will be a billet receiver with Centurion Arms' approval. The designs are all final except for the accessories. We're trying to get that nailed down right now. I believe it will definitely come with an ERG compatible EPM and the new PTS OEM pistol grip. Not sure about the stock though as it's still being refined and may not make it in time for the rifle's production. If not, it'll be rear wired with a crane stock.
  7. Squad701. That's awesome. I've been thinking about getting one of those sets as I have both the 4.25" and 5" Costa guns in RS. Just trying to find a place that stocks the detonator slide kits.
  8. Yup. I'm more PTS. I'm not sure when the plain ERGs will be released. That's more a question for KingSize as he handles all CS matters related to KWA specific products. I think I recall their guns being laser engraved at shot show. But all that is subject to change once production starts. I can't say. Personally I'm most excited about the Centurion Arms ERG. 14.5" barrel with the 12" CMR.
  9. It is part of the design to work with a broad range of guns. The 416 included.
  10. OT: should be soon. They're in production.
  11. More PTS guns based on the ERG system are being developed for release this year. Guns based on both the Mega Arns license and Centurion Arms license.
  12. Great write up. Good to hear the mag release is ambi. I'm really curious about the compatibility with the following RS parts: Front and rear sights Mag release Back straps
  13. They actually did a decent job on the finish.
  14. I'm really looking forward to getting one.
  15. Someone mentioned it to me as possible while I was working the booth at shot show this year. Said they replaced the recoil component with something else which removed the recoil, removed the additional weight in the rear, but kept the gun shooting. I like the recoil, don't get me wrong. I'm just curious.
  16. Great comparison write up. I'm curious ... has any one tried removing the recoil mechanism and making the gun run without it? Kinda like having a PTW without the insane cost?
  17. I'd be down for that. That's how I have it on my real M&P and my Glock will be coming back with it too. Will these have engravings?
  18. Real PEQ15s have had two-three different bodies over the years. They do come with front screws that are waterproofed in place. The body could be the older style in which the serial number was on the sticker on the side and not laser engraved into the body. It looks like a black unit that was painted tan. However what seems highly suspect is the plug.
  19. A lot of guys hit frames with cerakote to blend the color together. Especially the case when frames require extensive rebuilds with polymer epoxy. My recommendation: give the entire frame's externals a light dusting of FDE paint. It'll even put the look of it and the high points of the stippling may wear a little but the recesses will remain the painted color.
  20. He's referring to the stippling at the top rear of the frame where the webbing of your thumb and index finger grips the gun. Some professional frame gurus recommend against stippling there unless you smooth it out a little as it can inhibit a shooter's ability to get a quick proper grip when engaging the gun initially. It's all shooters preference. If someone requests it of me I usually hit it lightly with some sandpaper so that it aesthetically looks stippled but isn't too aggressive.
  21. Have you asked them yet? I wonder if they assumed it was an AEG and therefore didn't need to be masked on the inside. Definitely would ask for a refund and reimbursement for refinish.
  22. Looks awesome. Really amateur move coating the inside of the receiver. Maybe mask the parts you want to keep and get the inside sand blasted?
  23. Don't forget ... after putting in so much effort into reshaping the frame, you may want want to do a mag release scallop too. Look forward to seeing the finished work. Echo1 Timberwolfs are made by WE. I've had issues with compatibility between WE and TM/VFC parts and guns.
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