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  1. http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/html/rag/rag_we_detail/rag_we_detail_088.php http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/html/rag/rag_we_detail/rag_we_detail_087.php
  2. Some good news for M4 users. VFC's selling new HK416 type bolt for $35 shipped. And the new metal made HK416 type HU chamber is for $10. BTW the HU chamber in Hk416 is same as VFC MP5.
  3. You will find full list here: http://www.gb-tech.com.tw/newsite/products.asp?class=32&main=GBBR%20Parts&cname=M4%20and%20416%20Parts You can order it by mail quote or FB.
  4. VFC re-designed the Bolt Catch and Bolt Carrier Group.
  5. GBBRs from VFC have the same problem as Magna(WA/WOC). Changing for steel BCG is have to. You can adapt BCG from WA f.e. cheap steel Prime clone made by Element (~$50). I'm using Element BCG with VFC Bolt(nozzle) and it works fine. Order new one from VFC - VFCs Uppers are extra cheap and sometimes that can happened (dunno why but often saw broken MK18 Receivers than cheaper M4 ones). To neutralize wobble use Magic Pins from Ra-Tech. You can order all-steel internals from VFC. They're cheap and air mail shipping is for free. BTW. How much bbs you fired with this gun?
  6. VFC complete BCG costs $25 So there is nothing more to expect. http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=VFC-PT-BLT-M4GZN02&search=searchItem&rs=vfc%20gbbr&catid=&cat= Let us know how the Ra-T's BCG will work.
  7. You can use BCGs from Magna, but you need to modify the Bolt or mount VFC Bolt. VFC BCG is RS dimmension(like Prime). http://www.arms-cool.net/forum/thread-61765-1-1.html
  8. That's true. The VFC BCG is made from cheap pot metal (hey, new VFC BCG costs $12!). But You can use any Prime spec BCG from Ra-T, especially the VFC Bolt is compatible with it(or you have to mod the WA spec bolt). And still this will be under $500 for a nice gun.
  9. Yes you can replace Shell with AEG PMAG.
  10. Amadem

    KJW M4

    Tanio Koba M4 CP Blowback Model Gun http://www.tokyohobby.net/tanio-koba-m4-cp-blowback-model-gun.html
  11. Like D4n said: 100% agreed. I had really bad malfunction: Bolt Catch Plate had some molding(which I didn't notice) and wasn's fit properly to Firing Pin Retainer. After last shot (when BCG was catched) Bolt Catch Plate badly jammed. Had to use hammer and much power to move it back. Seriously after that I thought the whole Bolt Stop mechanism will be screwed as f*ck(specially after my bad experience with WA Bolt Stop). But everything was fine and all I had to do was a little sanding the Bolt Catch Plate. So the VFC's Bolt Catch is MUCH better designed (& made). But stil
  12. WGC Shop offers Custom version of M4 VFC: So internal parts may be compatible with other GBBR(like Hammer Spring)?
  13. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=187178&st=0
  14. Amadem

    KJW M4

    Good news. KJW intends to improve Upper Receiver:
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