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  1. Just a heads up, I noticed that wii-tech finally added the cnc steel hammer to their web store.
  2. How is the fitment between the slide and frame? Any wobble?
  3. Yeah he did. I used 2 fat o-rings; glued them to the back plate and now it's gone through a couple thousand rounds without further cracking of the receiver @ the pin holes.
  4. Shouldn't need to; the spare one is steel, the one that comes installed on the gun is pot metal.
  5. Did you heat treat the Z-parts hammer after grinding it down? Think its necessary?
  6. That's what I did as well. I glued two big soft O-rings to that back plate instead of a spring. Doesn't increase rof but it sure does dampen the impact; recoil seems to be cut in half.
  7. Seems boomarms has a mounting plate for an RMR. http://boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=BA-PLATE-FNX&curr_code=USD
  8. Anyone with a tactical have fully functioning 6-shot mode? 6 shots every time. I get 2-4, so just wondering how common it is.
  9. Yeah it takes we barrels, I was able to fit an orga barrel made for "we gbb." I need to take back my statement that we m4 nozzles fit; I was going off of what someone else had said.. After trying it, there's no way it would work haha. My nozzle broke, and with no replacements easily available I had to superglue it back together. Has held up for a few hundred rounds so far.
  10. Yeah, I did get it on sale for $147, so maybe they sent me one that looked like it would have problems haha. I might buy another one and just use my current one for spare parts.
  11. You know, that's something I didn't think about.. Derp. I used it in a game a couple weeks ago, was over 100*F. I mostly use HPA guns/tap everything for HPA so I forgot about propane/GG and temperature. Haha jeez I feel stupid. It's still working, so I'm going to put some o-rings on the recoil spring for now to buffer it and a cut spring on the back plate.
  12. Sure. I dont know how to work with pictures so they're kinda tiny. Here's the broken disconnect. Here's the broken part on the back plate where the charging handle locks into. It got worse and broke off but the stock locking button still works. Last but not least. This happened a few minutes ago. This gun has too much recoil for its own good. If i do decide to get replacement parts, i'll have to try putting a spring section on the back plate like some of you guys did and a stronger recoil spring to dampen the recoil. Not sure if i will though, might sell off the upgrad
  13. Starting to think i got a lemon what with so many parts breaking recently. My disconnector snapped in half, nozzle doesn't return to the BBU/think the return spring broke off, the End plate that holds the body pins broke where the stock button is. The end plate still functions and holds the body pints, just a piece cracked off. I do accept that the hammer became inoperable because i filed it too much. Range is amazing with the 226mm orga barrel and maple leaf bucking with .30g though. I've been worried about my nozzle breaking, but just found out that its the same as the WE m4 open bolt no
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