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  1. My VFC AKS74 is very accurate with no mods to the gearbox. Much more accurate then any CYMA I own and others that I've used. I do have some problems with VFC's gearboxes though. First off the plastic bushings are rotten, one of them cracked in my mechbox during it's first ever game. At that point it'd only had about 200 BB's through it in it's life. They've been replaced with metal bushings. The VFC motor broke 2 months after I bought the gun, that's been replaced with a TM motor. My third problem with the VFC gearbox is it's horrible whine when it fires, total sowing machine gearbox ru
  2. It looks a bit lighter then it actually is because of the flash but it's quite light anyway, I wanted it that way. I used Pine stain.
  3. Khyber Pass AK KALASH AKS74 Unicorn brown grip Danmu steel PBS-1 Unicorn recoil pad Going to try to get an AKM foresight and gasblock for it.
  4. VFC AKS74 with Kobra sight, Classic Army GP-30 grenade launcher and a MAG plum magazine. Unicorn AKS74U with Kobra sight and Mag plum magazine.
  5. I have to say I'd rather replace the bolts outright. The Unicorn ones are already chaffing at gearbox wiring. I'm ordering the Inokatsu ones now
  6. Do you have a source for Guarder bolts? One of my Unicorn bolts snapped in transit too.
  7. Cheers Time to get to work on mine.
  8. How did you get that effect on your Bakelite Snorkelman? I assume you used varnish but what else, if anything did you use? I have 8 VFC Bakelite's that need to be sorted out.
  9. My VFC AKs74N, Kobra collimator sight and Classic Army GP-30 launcher
  10. Fiach

    VFC AKS-74n

    Nice review! I'm considering ordering this gun within the next few days. Good to know they've fixed the AKS-74U's problems
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