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    Arsonal: UTG Paratrooper AK47s
    Modded to full stock w/
    CYMA CM.028 body
    JG Full stock & metal connector
    TM Eg1000 short type motor
    Re-wired w/ 18 guage wire
    Systema 1000 Metal bushings
    Custom "Aged" look to plastic wood part

    CYMA CM.030
    Upgraded w/
    Nineball power spring
    Modded WELL R5 inner barrel

    WELL R5 Mp5
    Converted wireing to the full stock
    (Still under construction)

    And a whole bunch of springers
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  1. Wow, great review! I would like to see a B.A.R. AEG, I have a bunch of BAR stuff. I have notaced that there a bunch of WWII guns poping up everywere. The Mp-40 and now this? Thats a really good thing though. I dont know what to get now!
  2. Yeah, I notaced that.... So sad...
  3. Heres mine, I modded my UTG Paratrooper to use a full stock. (Sorry, not the best picture) Upgrade/mods: Compleatly re-wired w/ 18 guage wire Reshimmed Metal bushings CYMA CM.028 body JG full stock w/ metal connector Custom "Aged" look to the plastic wood Upgrades soon to be put in: TM AK body /trade marks TM Eg1000 short type motor Other internal upgrades
  4. Correct!!! The site I got this from said it was a ww2 8mm issue with "rare tripod".
  5. OK No more artillery, This is a German ww2 machingun. Hint-8mm issue
  6. Sorry for posting so much! I got carryed away, I dont think enyone can guess this artillery gun. Hint- This large gun was made in Czechoslovakia.
  7. DARN, post the original contry it was made, and then I will say yes or no. Ill see you Sunday! =]
  8. Just fixed it (I think) One last picture, I could not resist! This a larger AA gun you guys will never get it! see you later guys!
  9. OK this might be my last pic for the night, its 11:00 and I am sleepy! I will post a lot more pictures in the morning, but what is this gun? (one of my favorites!)
  10. What is this war head, and wre was it made!?
  11. No one knows my AA? Take a guess, but this gun should be easy! I think every body has seen this gun in movies of something! So please atleast tell me who designed this gun.
  12. What you got it wrong!? Try again, should I post a better picture or it?
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