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  1. Ragin, can you still buy airsoft guns like that? I love the idea of loading the BBs into replica rounds like that, especially cool the way they eject too
  2. Just got my red dot scope, here's how my baby looks now:
  3. Hey that's great, what is the box made out of?
  4. That is one bizarrely big silencer/barrel thing. Kinda suits it though. Nice paintjob too.
  5. "Quiet", "Solo", "Go Loud". Haha, I love it Great pictures, too.
  6. This gun is now for sale! http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=95855
  7. Haha. That was the first time I wore my DPM so I didn't realise. Does look kinda funny, I admit.
  8. All of my gear layed out on my bed: (That rifle at the back is an air rifle, not an airsoft rifle)
  9. I did have a pic of where I keep my guns, but I lost the picture so here is the pic of all my gear on my bed:
  10. The scope? It's 4x32. The gun? 300fps last time it got chrono'd.
  11. ramsy66

    Guess The Gun

    Is it the 1904 model 39?? I've got a pic here and it matches what's there
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