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  1. Any pic or part number of what exactly you can't get out? If it's part 38, you can unscrew part 145 with an 1/20 (1.27mm) allen key, and then part 38 can slide out.
  2. Thanks guys! It's both, some parts are CNC and others I made them in manual machines. You can see the complete prototype in video here: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/215004-we-m14-co2-mag-prototype/
  3. Where did you get it? I hate slip pistol grips!
  4. Since it's almost all aluminium it weights about 450g with the steel shell. Almost the same as the most lightweight GBBR mag I know, the GHK M4 one. I calculate it will take about 50g of CO2.
  5. Quick update: already finished the V2 body of the mag. It's not perfect but should work. Today I made the GHK style valve body but the inner hole got overbore because of the chips rubbing. Will try again tomorrow. My main problem right now (without taking into account that I need a better mil) is that since my lips are broken, the gas route may bend because of the gas pressure when shooting and leak, so no test will be valid until I get new lips. I'm also thinking in a short style mag, but first get a functional prototype.
  6. Looks like a failure on the threads (the weakest point), or is the other tube (the steel one that holds the cartridge) broken?
  7. I would recomend you to find where to refill your paintball bottles first. At least here is not very easy. If it's printed, then I can make my own one version.
  8. Blobface, the CO2 mag does also have an aluminium tube! When you pierce the cartridge, the CO2 enters that tube also. And with my mod you also fill that tube with liquid. blankz5152, you can still use GG, just you will have to put again the output valve. If you fill GG with the CO2 one it will leak. Nugentgl have explained pretty well how to make my mod in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6955ns1s-0 By the way, I f*ck*ng love that flashlight handguard, any info?
  9. I also would like to buy a new receiver with folding stock. Why LTC is not selling kits like they do with AEGs?
  10. Sorry guys, I should had updated you long time ago, but I have been too busy. I finished the first prototype of the mag, using a pistol style output valve (it's easier to make). At first I used a 3.5 mm hole for the outflow but the pressure of the CO2 was too high to open that so the hammer spring hasn't enough force to open it. Then I made another valve, with 2.5 mm hole, that should need the same force than the original gas valve. Now the hammer spring open the valve but the hole is too small and don't give enough flow to fully cycle the gun. So now I'm making the second prototyp
  11. There are more parts, the nozzle I made or the ratech version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ZOgXx__yY
  12. Refillable paintball tanks are much cheaper to run, but you have to find somewhere to refill them. I fill them in a pub, and I pay the owner less than 0.01€/gram, but still is twice the price the owner pay for it.
  13. Put the loader in the front of the lips and press one of your fingers in the top-back and press. It will load, although may hurt your finger a little.
  14. I have seen bad metals in airsft, but this.... what a shame. At least you can buy RS or the TSC Steel version of the hammer for the Tanaka, but the bolt is not compatible.
  15. Thanks NonEx, they are pretty similar, just a bit longer. In red the AS ones:
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