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  1. nice AK where did you get it from
  2. Brain Fart, yea your 100% right. The polish tantal is similar has different furniture etc.
  3. Nice Polish Tantal! Awesome to see some other eastern variations of the AK, and moderns ones at that
  4. Your in California, oshi-

  5. They both aren't support weapons.
  6. Acorp how the hell did you make your MAG MAGs look so good? Guide please?
  7. It's a guesstimate, you have to file down those indents, as seen in my guide, and yes it will look like a rip per say, but it'll function WAYYYY better than a AS one would ever do. Plus no tearing up a good AS stock.
  8. NOPE! You just file like 3mm on the sides of the indented part of the RS endcap. Then slide it on. WAYYYYYY easier than using a dremel on the airsoft version.
  9. Like that RS metal endcap? Didn't modify the airsoft one
  10. Tried doing this myself, turned out A LOT easier than expected. TM G3A3 CA metal body HK wood and sling
  11. Once again Jesus, I always fail to have as many AKs as you. Very nice collection how long has it been since you started, or more like how much $$$
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