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  1. tiokulebra

    H&K Picture Thread

    Here are my other two HK's First, an UMP45 by G&G And second, a HK33a2 by CLASSIC ARMY (plus an USP Tactical from KSC): I love this gun, i thing it has the finnesse of the G3 in a more compact and agressive format. Its a shame no other big company ever released a more refined version of this (and i guess the same could be said of the G3...).
  2. tiokulebra

    H&K Picture Thread

    Yes, of course!, in fact here are two of my babies: ARES G36C + ARES G36K front set + CA ris + S&T retractable stock + STAR SL8 top rail + MP7 sights + other little bits: and CLASSIC ARMY HK53 + modded mp5 light handguard: Tomorrow ill be posting pics of my others HKs: an UMP and a HK33
  3. tiokulebra

    H&K Picture Thread

    This "H&K Picture Thread"s used to be GREAT back then when they were full of pics of G3s, MP5s, G36s, etc. and fewer HK416's. Now this its SOOO FULL OF 416 that its almost like another boring AR15 pics thread...

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