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  1. i have the same thing, it seems to small for me so i gotta buy another one T_T, i love how you can open it up i cliped a holster on the inside, i realy cant see whatelse ill put in side, i rarely even open it T_T i had it filled with stuff but couldnt feel hits so i took it off..I thought ill just drop empty magazines into it but i bought a magazine dump so lol
  2. Looks realy nice and simple!Nice gloves too!
  3. thanks buts too expensive @.@ imma go with burst BDU's there good and its a set for $30, thanks anyway!
  4. i will be following this picture thread, and if anyone know where i can get OD BDU set it will be very thankful!!!
  5. UnholyGateman

    MP-R7 9mm.JPG

    Oh my buddha!So nice...How did you do this?No welds either!Lol the magcatch is still there on the Colt
  6. This is a REALY nice gun!What company made it?Or is it straight custom?
  7. HEY I let your borrow it for the weekend!AND YOU NEVER RETURNED IT! lol im just kidding i like how you added paint to highlight the markings.And thats a nice bunnie rabit
  8. UnholyGateman


    I cant help but notice the window, lol.
  9. UnholyGateman

    MP5 SD5.JPG

    I SEE A JACKHAMMER ON BOTTOM RIGHT!Make a pic of that dude
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