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    g36 springer,m5000 shotgun,JG m16/m733
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    collecting model guns and airsoft ,playing on ww2 games!!<br />woot go medal of honour
  1. lol flashbang first dont go in!
  2. how's that LR300 holding up? i might get one instead of the usual m4
  3. thanks for the links guys just gotta wait to get my m4
  4. cheers grim damn i need some sleep totally forgot about SOF
  5. just wondering if anyone knows where i can find cold weather ACU jackets in the uk i can only find combat shirts
  6. nice m14 moses i love the eotech, a good blend of old and new
  7. has anyone used the JG G36K just wondering is the sight totally hopeless?
  8. Ahh the old tactical hammock havent seen one in a while
  9. Has anyone got any pics of a 47 with all black stock and grip but none of that tactical ak-ishness
  10. nice gear apex. so want an m60...
  11. theres nothing like a bit of british good loadout armalite
  12. does the pouch get in the way oh and what vest is that?
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