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  1. Powerade. I love it too much. It kept me up til 5am.
  2. Arnies xbox/360/wii/ps2/ps3 skins?
  3. Was there a little user bit at the top before? Something like that would be nice.
  4. Like it. Very clean look. Modern looking, all the white.
  5. i'll gladly take the elise for a good thras..... erm... drive every so often.
  6. I think i've just sex wee'd. That is beautiful!
  7. Donnie, i konw where to mount those 2 guns, take down the barret and the sl8, put the the new ones on the wall, then place the 2 old rifles in a large bag, get in the hummer, drive outside my house, and leave the keys in the ignition!
  8. yeah i searched, but its hard to phrase, and since i havent changed anything, i thought it was the server. Meh.
  9. Yep. thanks. That was scary for a minute. Someone made it go away. im happy.
  10. Just wondering, are these new "server tweaks" as said by R22, include the replies being filed rather shown as 20 replies per page. cheers rich
  11. They should just call the thread painted armalites. But the city camo is amazing. How'd he do it?
  12. if you go to www./...../forums, it comes up, just not the main page.
  13. OK...its been almost a year.... do we have a winner yet?
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