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    Pearl Jam - Got Some its not quite pearl jam.. but its a nice evolution from their older stuff. a bit "pop" but enjoyable.
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    M14 Picture Thread

    wow, some great looking M14's in here! good job guys. I am really tempted to get an M14 SOCOM and convert it as a DMR, single shot only (to allow it to be classed as a "sniper rifle" by my local game sites.) with around 420fps. I have a question though - how long is the internal barrel on the socom? im told its 400mm on the CYMA, but ive heard 440mm for TM and other rifles, and I am confused. :S I'd like to get a SOCOM, slap on a short supressor, run a new hop rubber and nub with a new tightbore barrel and get the gears shimmed properly. My other question - apparently the barrels on the M14's are different to regular barrels (the hopup groove is different or somesuch.) and if this is the case, what barrels are available for the M14, and what hop rubber would be best? sorry for the questions in a photo thread, but i dont see the point in starting a whole new thread!

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