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  1. Couldn't have put it better meself 'luv!
  2. Nice pics, cheers. Is the outer barrel metal or plastic though? Compatible with TM?
  3. Aren't KSC glocks supposed to be better than TM glocks for performance? If so (excuse me if I'm wrong), then shouldn't the KSC P226 be just as good if not better in terms of performance than a TM, or is the TM P226 just unbelievably awesome and nothing could come near it?
  4. Also, do you have any data for effective range, and accuracy at longer ranges? Hows the quality of the metal slide al3x? Anyone tried the tightbore? (and doing a comp. with the TM would be fantastic )
  5. Aye, I am seriously contemplating getting on of these. Over the past few weeks I have changed my mind countless times (I have been researching everything I want to buy tirelessly, so I can never make up my mind ) and it has ended up being a split between one of these, a WE 1911 or a KSC Glock 17. Oh dear, I still can't decide dammit. Any information about further addons like threaded barrels? If yes then I will almost certainly get one Edit: Also any word on compatibility with TM parts et al such as recoil springs/guides?
  6. Quick question; do you have to remove the slide to adjust the hop-up?
  7. The pictures alone make me want one, fantastic review!
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