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  1. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Pretty blasters! Regarding the torch, a Streamlight TLR-1 or Insight M3 on the bottom rail in front of the vertical grip could work quite nicely I think.
  2. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Very nice Drake!
  3. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Very impressive! Turning an M500 into a Serbu Super Shorty is an extremely difficult modification, but you did it like a pro Blood-Clot. It looks great!
  4. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Man those Tanaka 870s are gorgeous. Simply drool worthy! ... if only the internals weren't so awful, or if there were at least some decent replacement internal bits available to fix the mountain of things that break in short order But they sure do look good! Especially with the RS 870P walnut
  5. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Nope, the M1/M2 forends will not fit the Benelli M3 or it's airsoft replicas. And unfortunately, despite what the designers of Counter Strike led so many people to believe, Surefire never made a flashlight forend for the Benelli M3. But I'll be the first person to say that they should have
  6. Jin15

    SMG Picture Thread

    Sweet jebus those new steel G&P kits are gorgeous! As of now I am making it my personal goal for this year to a acquire two System 7 Macs and two G&P steel kits for them
  7. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help guys! I suppose it's possible that there was a mixup with my order from Midway USA and the sight they sent me wasn't M3 threaded. It would be the first time they've ever screwed up an order, but hey, these things can happen. In any case I'll order a new M3 x .50 threaded bead sight from a different company and see if it fits or not. I just hope that "M3 x .50" is the same thing as standard M3, as I can't seem to find any shotgun front bead sights in any M3 type size other than "M3 x .50"
  8. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Shame you're letting it go, Marui shotguns are just great weapons all around. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do I suppose On a side note, Has anyone ever installed a real steel shotgun bead sight on a ACM or Marushin M500? I ask because I recently acquired another 6mm ACM M500 and I'm going for a more old school look with this one, so I want to replace the ghost ring sights with just a plain gold colored front bead sight. My problem has been figuring out exactly what size the hole in the barrel for the original front sight screw is threaded. I thought it was M3x0.5 at first but the M3 threaded bead sight I got for it doesn't fit at all! So now I'm wondering if maybe it's 3-56, 6-48, or something else entirely. Any ideas on this one?
  9. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    MODDAN, any chance you could post some pics with the SpeedFeed pistol grip buttstock attached to the M500? I'd really like to see what it looks like! I think the pistol grip is going to sit back pretty far from the trigger guard, but it is an option I've been considering a SpeedFeed IV-S stock so it would be extremely helpful if I could see what it looks installed on a M500 with a SureFire forend before I spent the money on one. And 0866, ATI's products are just low quality in general. Cheap flimsy plastic, poor molding, poor fit and finish, etc. I've never owned any ATI products myself, since their reputation for low quality is known far and wide in the real steel community, but this is what I've heard about their products from a wide variety of reliable sources.
  10. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Beautiful Mossberg MODDAN! It's so rare to find a Marushin in 6mm flavor, and the Surefire forend is just plain awesome on the M500 (or any shotgun for that matter). I agree with you about ATI stocks being rather poor though. I'll be anxious to see what it looks like with the SpeedFeed stock on it. Going with a traditional style stock or a pistol grip stock?
  11. Jin15

    G&P GBB M4A1 family

    I too am curious to see how the G&P WOC users guns are holding up. It sure seems like a lot of people own them but there hasn't been a lot of activity in this thread so I'm hoping that means they're holding up pretty well. I've really been resisting the urge to get another GBB rifle after the disasters that were my WA M4 and my 1st Gen WE M4, but those darn Magpul Dynamics DVDs are starting to get to me and making me want something with a bit more realism in function than an AEG
  12. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Very nice work MODDAN! I thought many times about using a G&P Masterkey mount to attach a M500 but the weight was always the thing that made me decide against it. I ended up selling my G&P CA870 Masterkey because the weight was just too much to deal with, I can hardly imagine how heavy it must be with the M500. It sure looks great though! I'm sure it'll be the envy of just about everyone at your local skirmish site
  13. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    You can pick up a real Mossberg 500 top rail made by UTG on eBay for around $12, but you will have to re-drill one of the mounting holes in it since the holes for the rear sight in the airsoft M500 receiver do not line up quite right with the holes in the mount that's made for the real M500. They're about 1/4" off. As far as I know there is no top rail made for the airsoft version M500 unless you want to buy the King Arms M4 grip & and stock adapter that comes with a top rail. Otherwise you'll have to buy a real Mossberg 500 top rail and re-drill one of the mounting holes.
  14. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Indeed, I'd never bring a real shotgun onto an airsoft field even if the only shells in a 20 mile radius were the Madbull training shells. Because even if I knew it was safe I don't think anyone on the field (with the exception of the one perpetually depressed token emo kid) would feel at all comfortable having a real shotgun pointed at them. The shells are just not for skirmishing. What I want em' for is to plink soda cans around the house and do training drills with. These shells are the perfect tool for that I think. So Rusher, if those shells are indeed the 12ga training shells and not the undersized Tanaka ones, where on earth did you find them!? I've scoured the net looking everywhere I could imagine and have had no luck finding any
  15. Jin15

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Gah! Are those the ones made for real 12ga shotguns rather than the smaller Tanaka size ones? If so I must know where you got them! I must have some I tell you! My soul cries for them!

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