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  1. Thanks Jimmy! That showed me just what I wanted to know
  2. Awesome Banshees on the last page! A quick request for the Banshee owners around here. Could anyone post a pic or two of a Banshee with an AK mag pouch (Preferably an Emdom CQB one, but any AK pouch will do) on their Banshee? I ask because I'm trying to get an idea of how far an AK mag would stick up on one of these so I can figure out what kind of room I'll have for pouches and such on the top portion of the carrier. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you very much for the review User7! You did a great job of covering all the important points and I'm definitely interested in picking up one of these units now. They've gotta be the best bang for your buck in terms of an combination visiable & IR laser set for airsoft use, and while a bit narrow in beam size the illuminator doesn't seem too bad either The only thing I'm wondering at this point is if anyone has tried this unit with http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/flashlights/flashlight-accessories/g-p-flashight-switch-paq-4.html]G&P's standard tape switch that's mad
  4. Pretty blasters! Regarding the torch, a Streamlight TLR-1 or Insight M3 on the bottom rail in front of the vertical grip could work quite nicely I think.
  5. Odd image request #232! MP7 with Surefire Mini Scout light mounted on one of the side rails. Anyone with a Scout Mini willing to take a few minutes to pop it on a rail and take some pics?
  6. Very impressive! Turning an M500 into a Serbu Super Shorty is an extremely difficult modification, but you did it like a pro Blood-Clot. It looks great!
  7. Man those Tanaka 870s are gorgeous. Simply drool worthy! ... if only the internals weren't so awful, or if there were at least some decent replacement internal bits available to fix the mountain of things that break in short order But they sure do look good! Especially with the RS 870P walnut
  8. Nope, the M1/M2 forends will not fit the Benelli M3 or it's airsoft replicas. And unfortunately, despite what the designers of Counter Strike led so many people to believe, Surefire never made a flashlight forend for the Benelli M3. But I'll be the first person to say that they should have
  9. Nice D-300 1st_Shooter! You've got quite the electronics store going on there too. PEQ-15 replica, Foretrex GPS, EOTech & EOLad replica, and a D-300 all lined up end to end I gotta warn you though, if you run the D-300 behind the 551 replica without the daylight filter on for any prolonged period of time you're going to have a little EOTech A.65 retical permanently burned into your NV tube. You've come this far shelling out the big money for Gen 2 night vision, best to go the whole distance and get a real NV compatible EOTech or Aimpoint to mount it behind if you want to run it we
  10. For anyone interested, before I go ahead and return this sight for a refund (or resell it to someone who doesn't care about the blue lens if eHobby Asia won't take returns) I thought I'd add one more picture to demonstrate the issue. This picture is taken against a white wall (with some BB dents in it lol) for contrast.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys! I've tried it outdoors in bright sunlight and the effect is just the same. The view through the sight looks like everything has a dark blue filter on it. The front lens looks reddish orange from the front, but when you look through the sight everything looks blue. It's not a major problem when using the sight with both eyes open but it is a bit annoying for sure. I know it's an airsoft quality optic and all and you get what you pay for, but for $40 I was expecting it would at least have reasonably clear glass. At this point I've contacted eHobby Asia abou
  12. Okay, so I just got my new G&P Aimpoint replica in the mail from eHobby Asia today and I think I got a defective model. It's one of the newer versions with the numbers on the brightness adjustment dial. The red dot seems well formed and all the brightness settings and windage and elevation work, but the glass is heavily blue/green tinted! Unlike in the pictures posted at the beginning of this thread the view through the sight is not clear as it should be, it is heavily tinted a blue/green color. Is this normal for the G&P Aimpoint replicas or have I gotten a defective one? I want
  13. Nice kit Adiventure! If I may ask, what's that little clip on one that looks similar to a Inova 24/7?
  14. Thanks for the info skyler! I guess the other thing I'm wondering then is if the lens in the sacrificial window is removable? I've made lots of lens protectors for airsoft optics by cutting out disks of clear polycarbonate from ANSI Z.87 rated shop masks and fitting them to the devices. So I'm wondering if it would be possible to remove the original lens from the sac window so it could be replaced with something that will hold up to BB hits?
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