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  1. Got mine with two spare mags. Also got a silver barrel and wood grips on the way, as well as a tightbore and a falcon hop rubber (if I need it, I'm usually pretty happy with the stock one, but $6 is cheap enough to keep a couple handly ). The only problem with mine is a couple of small dents in the inner barrel, presumable from the factory, which are making it shoot about 1.5ft high at 6m or so. Incredibly irritating to skirmish with, but at least its consistently in the same place! I got it from JDairsoft in the UK, but couldn't be bothered to send it back as I wouldn't have had it back
  2. Big. Probably the biggest handgun recoil I've felt, including a desert eagle and upgraded & metal 1911s (and many others). Haven't tried duster/134a, but I imagine it would be pretty wimpy, if it even cycles properly. By design, the mag release is almost impossible to press accidentally. Its a typical HK downward lever style, rather than push button. The spring in it is stiff but not too stiff, so you won't lose any mags. I've skirmished mine a couple of times now. I lowered the FPS by widening the shaft of the floating valve with heatshrink, taking it down to around 330fps w/
  3. I'm trying to visualise righty tighty lefty loosy, but failing. If you skip back a few pages to my takedown guide I indicate the direction to unscrew it, if it helps.
  4. Except both of my rear sling loops snapped off in the first skirmish. They're too weak and I wouldn't trust them to hold your MP7. I got a RIS sling mount from FAB defence iirc, it was super cheap (about a fiver shipped) and works perfectly
  5. I had this problem when I first skirmished it. It turned out it was the recoil buffer detent pin (or whatever its called) had unscrewed and was causing cycling issues, and occasionally a BB jammed as you describe. Otherwise, you might try shimming the magazine so the inner sits a bit higher in the shell (0.5-1mm). I did this by using some card shims underneath between the shell and inner magazine, when they screw into each other in the base (or a washer would do, perhaps). I'd take a picture and show you, but I sold my M4 This helped my feeding issues and improved the reliability of the b
  6. I've got a set or two hiding somewhere, PM me if you want them and I'll try and find them
  7. actionhobbies in the UK stock both the fixed stock and sliding stock versions. Not sure where else in europe has it though.
  8. Just ordered mine from Unco, came to £180 shipped with 2 extra magazines. I'll be sure to post my thoughts when it arrives
  9. G&P 552, worked great on my g39, working great on my open bolt M4
  10. I'll take some pictures in the daylight tomorrow if you still need them. But in words, there is a pin about halfway down the bolt, push it out from the ridged side - this is what holds in the return spring. The guide on the left of the bolt just lifts out. Unscrew the latch thingy on the top (the flat head screw) and then take out the guide from beneath that, then the loading nozzle will slide out as the guides aren't holding it in any more. Then there is a tiny little pin that holds the two halves of the loading nozzle together, and the other end of the return spring, push th
  11. Tactical quarter master might have what you're looking for, they have a fair selection of WE parts.
  12. G&P eotech 552 fine on G39 for a thousand rounds or so, had it on my OB M4 for about 700rds now (which kicks harder than my G39 did, probably the temperature - I had the g39 in winter) and its still fine. Depends entirely on the optics of course, but this one's great
  13. For reference, my G&P eotech 552 held up perfectly for the 2-3k rds I used my G39 for It's going to go on my OB M4 too when it turns up...
  14. Just ordered the open chamber CQBR from airsoft global, came to about £240 shipped, and got the NPAS on the way from tactical quarter master. TQM say they'll start having the open bolt ARs in a couple of weeks, at around £300. Also, do we think it's worth starting a new thread for the Open chamber ARs? I have to say it, this thread is incredibly bloated...
  15. They're bombproof. I've had about a dozen of them over the years in various guns (both 5mm and 7mm), not had a single problem with them and you can tighten them as much as you like, they won't snap .
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