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  1. zooyork123

    WE SCAR Review

    Any know where i can get a trigger group for the SCAR my hammer just exploded today during a game the hammer just split in half half still intact and other half and roller is gone. Does the WETTI M4 hammer work on the scar?
  2. zooyork123

    M14 Picture Thread

    Hey evilliboba where did u get ur CYMA SOC16 from? and how much?
  3. zooyork123

    M14 Picture Thread

    hmm looks like u might have to get that tube outta the way somehow. Prolly take the gun apart. I dunno
  4. zooyork123

    M14 Picture Thread

    try and find the smallest ellen wrench u can find should fit in there.
  5. zooyork123

    M14 Picture Thread

    OMG can u please let me kno if that has a threaded barrel i want one of these but all the clones ive run into dont have them threaded.

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