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  1. Haha, so you were the kid in the shemagh and dress with the AKM! Got to admit, you did a better job than most of your team in getting the loadout right. Half of them were in PMCish loadouts with armalites.
  2. Thanks for the help with radiusing. It really is much appreciated. And to remain on-topic, I too have found the debate to be incredibly informative.
  3. This has probably been one of the most informative threads I've ever read. How exactly would one radius the corners of the gearbox? I want to do it to my V2's, but I'm still somewhat confused on exactly where/what to do.
  4. A guy a few pages back said he had a TM 551 (or 550, can't remeber/am too lazy to go back and check) about to go on sale for UK customers.
  5. I never liked SIGS....until now. Gotta say, I like that 228 sgthanzo.
  6. Alright, well, this is my first review, and, considering I do not have the shotgun with me at present (a friend of mine who actually owns it just let me mess with it for a day) there will be no pictures. Anyways, so, first review, I guess I'll try to do what everyone else does. Packing: Secure. The gun was not about to move around within the box. Need to dust the styrofoam off the weapon once you pull it off. First Impressions: It looks nice, it really does. Bigger than I thought it would be too, considering I've never handled the TM shotguns. Once you pick it up, you know this thing
  7. Wow, I didn't even reailze these had come out. Good thing for this review, or I never would have realized. Off to WGC to order a box.
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