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  1. There supposed to be getting some surefire ones at some undetermined point in the future, now possibly scrapped, with surefire flash hiders to replace the vortex ones. I think they've messed around with a lot of prototypes over the years but never issued anything en masse.
  2. At least we could, theoretically, have wet t-shirts on the ladies away from the sea.....
  3. Well, there's Landwarrior for Helikon kit, Baseline Supplies for Claw Gear stuff and Begadi have their own line of BE-X clothing. You can also find Tru-spec clothing at a lot of places, just google for it.
  4. I don't remember seeing the test results from this, does it make a significant difference in hop performance and consistency?
  5. You'll be looking at about £40 per mag, give or take a fiver. I have five mags and I've never actually gone through all of them in a game though.
  6. Yep, they're both exactly the same, even have the same length inner barrel stock.
  7. Could I have a kit list if you don't mind? Looks like a pretty sweet light loadout.
  8. Apparently these are some of my most popular photos on Flickr, and I forgot to share them with you guys .
  9. I need to see that as a full A-TACS loadout soon , just wish I wasn't too broke to get some myself .
  10. Well there's the La Rue handguard that looks pretty similar and this was the only Knight's free float handguard that I could find.
  11. I've got an element Noveske free float ris and it fits like a charm. The barrel is very secure as well, I can use flash hider as a tuning fork .
  12. Well I'll have to disagree with you there, I actually think it looks quite good and it's rather hard to actually call something "somewhat legit" a few posts below a picture of it in service in a very similar configuration.
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