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  1. A ELCAN looks great on a G36C, but looks better on the K. I have a ELCAN for all 5 of my G36 rifles, and absoultely love them.
  2. I posted a photo of my K with a 6 hole forend back on page 43 of this thread. It also has the bipod, so if give a pretty good idea how much of the K flash suppressor is hidden.
  3. I have almost every replica G36 scope, and I have had eye relief issuse with all of them. It didnt matter what length of shoulder stock I was using. I don't have a real deal hensolt so I can't speak to that, but the replica is a piece of ######. As shown below, I use a replica ELCAN. It is the only scope I have found that I can use with goggles. The 80.00 price can't be beat. The reticule is the 3 post design, and it has 4x magnification. I can watch the plastic fly to the target.
  4. This is NOT a JG handle. It is a ACM G36 handle. Rest assured these are not JG products. They come in an unmarked ziploc bag. I made the mistake of ordering one from RSOV. Great service as usual, but the product itself is an epic failure. Again, this is NOT the fault of RSOV. I was attempting to mount it on a JG G36K that came with a C scope rail. This was before the release of the JG G36K with scoped carry handle. BTW, the scoped handles on the newest JG G36 rifles is hard plastic, just like the body and forends. They are not the rubbery ###### that this thing is made of. Handle was warp
  5. Well, I recieved my DSR-1 this afternoon. I am impressed with the build quality, but the performance leaves much to be desired. I tested mine in the basement with .20 and my Speeder 2000 chrono. The best reading I got was 417fps. Most readings were in the high 290s which is pretty crappy. I tried both magazines, and also tried both propane and green gas (I know, nearly the same thing). Both were epic failures. As this is my first gas sniper rifle, I am at a lose as to what to do to increase performance. I lubed the bolt, checked the nozzle. Everything seems fine. I didnt see anythin
  6. I do not own one of the Star AW-338 rifles. The DSR-1 is my first foray into gas sniper rifles, so I am expecting good things from it for the price I paid.
  7. usmcCorps- Since the manual PDF circulating about clears says Star on, I am guessing it is safe to say they are the manufacturers? Or is ARES the original manufacturer and Star made the manual? Correct me if I am incorrect. I am wondering if spare/replacement parts will be easy to come by. Since it uses the same gas system (at least it would seem) as the Star AWP 338 rifle, might there be some part interchangability? I guess that we DSR-1 owners hopefully wont need to be replacing anything on them soon, as this may or may not be a limited production run. I have not recieved my rifle
  8. *Slaps forehead* I didnt even know there was a back pocket there. After seeing the photo you posted I took a look again at my vest and sure enough!! I thank you good sir. Saved me a bunch of cash.
  9. I have been trying for a while to find a hydration system that will attach to my IDZ vest. The vest was purchased from Flecktarn.uk. I found this which is promising because it comes in fleck, but I'm not sure if the webbing is compatable. I would appreciate any input/help/suggestions that you fellow fleck users can provide.
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