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  1. The picture in question, for all those wondering:
  2. Great looking loadouts as always guys, its hard not to want another pair of woodycams after all the goodness you guys post.
  3. Guy on the left has regular m81 pants and a custom combat shirt, while the guy on the right has crye pants and a crye combat shirt.
  4. Yea i have heard they are MARSOC but im not sure myself, still a pretty cool pic.
  5. I love the addition of the Paraclete uniform Mysli, looks great.
  6. 10th SFG training in Germany IIRC.
  7. I can still see some pals webbing on there, not crowded enough.
  8. This appears to be the ones not in multicam that are $100 cheaper: http://cgi.ebay.com/Solidfox-CAG-Chassis-Armor-CB-RG-OD-TN-BK-/200585591657?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb3d53b69 Yours looks awesome Coolheart, cant wait to see it all kitted up.
  9. Where did you get it from if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Its at a place that i wish was in Jersey. Im currently in Maine doing some work related stuff for the rest of the summer and I found this little local place. Ive yet to find a decent cqb place back home in NJ.
  11. Me about to get the ###### shot out of me at a new local cqb place:
  12. That looks great kojak, love the mp5 one. Busted out an old chest rig i made last summer for a quick pickup game in the heat today:
  13. The course was open to civilians, law enforcement and military. And it was at Braggs Range 37.
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