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  1. oh neat, thanks for the info
  2. what is all over the PTW receiver?
  3. Anyone interested in trading a 10" bravo rail for my 7" one?
  4. I was thinking Frontline FOW. it's just got a great outline.
  5. it might be redundant, but I always thought CASV 203 combos looked better with the side rails and some rail covers thrown on.
  6. bloody brilliant idea. Already have a BE SL8 to chop up, now to find me a FamAss
  7. yeah, I might just go with the regular 3.5 scoped handle with a 20mm rail on top to add a reflex of some kind.
  8. I think the kickin rad gun makes up for it
  9. So I threw together a photoshop of what I would love to do to a famas. Should become reality pretty soon here, still deciding on a few details (namely whether to keep the pictured G36 front end, might just put an XM203 under the famas default grip)
  10. no external tapes n stuff is always nice thanks for the tip
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