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  1. When you start a reply with this review is, "biased and unbalanced", you are injecting a personal opinion and therefore you made it personal but I'll step back a second and agree that I should have presented the review for what it was; A SINGLE DATAPOINT. In reality and to be mathematically correct, for a sampling to be statistically significant, you need no less than 16 datapoints. This applies to any type of statistical sampling from computing CEP's to determining failure rates. If you really want to get silly, the sampling can only be determined by changing one variable at a time, which
  2. I am running a stock CA V3 gearbox for only 500 rounds, but happy to report, no cracks. I will not buy another King Arms box, simply because the Systema is just as good (better in our trials) for the price.
  3. Seriously? That sounds like objective criticism to me! (Sarcasm in case you missed it) First off, what are you talking about? You took specfic examples from my generic meaning (boots, optics, etc) and began to critique and analyze as if you were going to finish with an over solution that will prove my post wrong. Missed it completely my over zealous airsofter, YOU said only reviews with 3 example would be credible, no specifics... My response, any one who reviews anything is an idiot under your paradigm, why? Everyone who ever writes a review is biased if they
  4. The 3 different problems we had with them, (Cracking, anti reversal latch, gear grinding) is a clear statement that it is not just, "bad casting". And according to your friend, your only allowed to review something if you have had 3 of them. I guess every review in this section would be described as, "biased and unbalanced" and "utter nonsense".
  5. In that light, they are obviously proned to "bad casting/molding". Therefore I still will not buy another, nore advise anyone else to either. Seems to me your post lacks credibility. Where are your parts lists? Pictures? Anything to even slightly show that your not just rambling. And I guess anyone who has a review about a gun, a optic, a pair of boots, a bag of bbs, or any thing else on this forum is also considered "utter nonsense"... Right? So you can only say something is "poor", only if you have three of them? What if I rated the king arms box great, would you have sh*t all over
  6. King Arms 8mm V2 Gearbox *note, bear with me on these pictures. Photoshop is currently down on my PC, so had to use other editing programs. This gearbox is listed around $40 to 60 dollars depending on where you go. It has 8mm bearings which is nice, suggesting that it is stronger than 7mm. Comes with what seemed to be a high end switch and tappet plate. It has reinforced sections around the gears as shown. We tested this gearbox on Aug 14th. A list of parts is mandatory to explain the outcome. Guarder Silent piston head Guarder Cylinder Guarder Cylinder
  7. Update I fitting the following parts into the gun... Wired with deans of coarse... Guarder Infinite Torque up motor CA Super Torque Gears SP170 Pro Win Hop-Up Gone through about 2000 rounds with a 150, and about 200 with a 170. It was chronoing 490 (with .20s) with the 150. Haven't got the 170 chronoed yet. Its shooting very hard. Range is around 250ft. Wondering if a tightbore will help with a tad more range. Dee's customs are no where to be found so a tight bore doesn't seem practical now. New picture update...
  8. Someone made this for me on another forum. It was kick a$$.
  9. Thanks guys. I recently fit a SP120 in it and it is shooting great for now. I would argue that my max range is about 150 feet, accuratly. Thats everything stock with just a 120 spring, so not bad. I will repost my results after fitting it with super torque ups, and a sp150.
  10. Nice, where did you get those top rails from? I know they come on the Star version but I have had some trouble finding one... Nice instruction manual on how to mod the scope....
  11. Thanks for moving it, I thought techinical would be the right area. I was wrong.
  12. Well I am glad everyone thought this review was helpful. Remind me not to post a review on here again...
  13. I have recently aquired a SL8 as well...
  14. I just recieved this gun yesterday from Airsoft Tactical. (Chattanooga, TN) It was $300, and came with two low caps, umjamming rod, and a scope. This gun is basically a G36 with a different body and a stock 6.04 tightbore. The gearbox, hop up, all the same, it also takes the same mags. My first impression was how durable it felt despite it being plastic. The bipod on the front is surprisingly sturdy for being plastic. Out of the box capabilities I would rate it very poor. It was unaccurate, underpowered, and the scope was hard to sight in. It also takes mini style batterys, an
  15. sekiryu you just flashing your guns all over the internet arn't ya?!
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