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  1. this is a well known issue on the KWA USA forums. It's basically too much silicone seeping into the hop rubber, it would seem. I haven't had it yet, and i'm running propane exclusively, with green half filling the mags when they're not being used, to maintain the seals. At least, that's how I think it's working. I've ordered a couple of buckings just in case my theory is nonsense.
  2. nah, that's monkey rubbish. http://www.israeli-weapons.com/store/rifle...ifle_slings.htm at the bottom of the page.
  3. get the FAB defense ones, I got three. they're excellent, and proper metal, not monkey business.
  4. Amen to that. My only primary now.
  5. Not yet. They said that the formula was changing, and thus so was the sheet, but TLD are now being a little more awkward to get hold of.
  6. if you're doing dB SPL readings, make sure to note the weighting (a or c) and whether the meter was fast or slow. You'll need fast. Without those facts, the reading is pretty useless.
  7. 300! he's going for 500fps!
  8. .25s mostly, as tracer is not really available heavier. I might use .30s in the summer outdoors.
  9. They may be separate companies, technically, but the guns come off the same production line and are identical except for the trades and the power adjustment elements. I have a KSC Japan and a KWA USA. My KSC had different tolerances in the bolt manufacture than Greg's KSC did. There's no difference in the mouldings or the finish or the reliability. Greg did find my trigger pin had bent in the KWA, but that had had about ten times more use than the KSC which is my "for best" gun and has only recently been skirmishing since it got its tightbore. I fully expect the same thing to happen to the
  10. I had my genuine scout light's glass broken by a BB a while ago. Since the unit is sealed, it's not easy to get a new lens in there. I found a cap-protector solution. I cut the middle out of a black bottle-cap from a water bottle. It's the same size as the widest part of the scout light. Put in some lexan and insulation- taped it on the end of the light. No more broken glass. Doesn't look much like an add-on.
  11. I have six magazines, and I rarely get through all of them in a given half-hour game at, say, The Mall. I think four in total would be a good number to play with, weight considerations applying. Speedball though? Not really a game for a chap with 40 round mags.
  12. KWA UK, or "Airsoft World" as they are also known! they don't have any stock of MP7s yet though. They'll have to supply something at the KSC Japan power level or so, I would think. Will be interesting to see what they do.
  13. I am *on the verge* of getting that data sheet. It's been promised to me several times. I'll try again tomorrow.
  14. just to confirm that the 200mm M93r barrel DOES work with the TM new tracer still. So perfect for me.
  15. it was my KSC with the RF nozzle. The KWA doesn't need it. I wouldn't buy the RATech one myself. I'd buy a KSC Taiwan. Put in a tightbore. That's it. If you need adjustable fps, then wait until the new NPAS comes out and we'll see if it doesn't break. Can't see the point in the heavier bolt.
  16. there's no power difference in the mags.
  17. Indeed. -I-, where can we see this in a shop?
  18. why is that bad news? looks cool.
  19. small update on the broken NPAS - RA Tech say they are re-designing it and will be supplying me with a new one. I wait and hope!
  20. buy some bulk dude, and then sell them on the forums. I'll have a couple.
  21. 1st shooter, that spring that comes with the NPAS is garbage, it's way too strong. When greg & I did our installations of the NPAS (mine broke after one game and RA Tech have gone silent on the matter) we found that the spring supplied with the NPAS was way too strong and kept the FPS below that of the stock gun. When we reinstalled the very light valve spring from my US version, the FPS soared. Conclusions...use a taiwan/US version valve spring and a shooters design or glock rocket valve for maximum FPS, and a combination of the above for lower. The NPAS is a bit of a disappointme
  22. sounds like your springs are not working. Are they still in place?
  23. did you use the valve spring supplied with the NPAS?
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