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  1. Umarex/KWA ones are at Fire support for £250. Greg.
  2. A friend of mine told me a story today of a man named Greg that he met in Spain once. He said this guy had women lined up at the bar waiting to talk to him. When asked what his secret was he said he'd show them. He walked over to one of the girls, slapped her on the shoulder, then put her in a headlock and said "Buy me a beer *badgeress*!" I feel quite sure this must have been you

  3. As stated before, I'm using Viper & Guarder pistol mags, no probs. Greg.
  4. I'm on a serpa. I find serpas to be great & have them for all the pistols I skirmish. I use Kings Arms & Viper pistol mag pouches. No problems. The mags look big, as the bullet length is long compared to a 9mm. However, they aren't particularly wide, if you get my drift, so fit most cordura mag pouches. Greg.
  5. They don't need to be 'upgraded', just fitted correctly. The readyfighter nozzle lacks the notches on the spring retaining posts & the springs slide off, causing the 'crushing' you have experienced. To save you wading through this thread, fixes include, cutting the notches in, super glue, crimping the spring ends to the post or a mixture of all 3. Back when I experienced the problem, Den Trinity & Readyfighter both had springs. Greg.
  6. Yup. I just used a hacksaw & a file to cut new notches in, about 40mm shorter than the standard position. Work took about 20 mins & turned out fine. I have done this a few times now, on 2 Maruis & my ksc. Greg.
  7. maybe you could convert it, usi ng the bits out of a mariu tracer or something? Greg.
  8. I may be wrong (a long time since I did physics) but I think this is normal: When the gas is cooler, it has less pressure & will therefore take longer to release from it's container. Thus lower pressure gas (due to temperature or not)will give less fps but more shots. Either way, like others, I only get one mag (40 rnds) per fill, what ever the temperature. Greg.
  9. You're dead right! As yet, no probs but having seen yours, I don't hold up hope for mine. I think mine may be lasting longer because I very rarely use auto. Who knows. One thing's for sure; having now written this, I guarantee it will go bang, the next time I use it. Greg.
  10. Like Kruck, I've done this a lot & it just seems to go in first time, every time. However, it was very fiddly the first few times. Don't panic! As Kruck says, the trigger goes in last. I sort of insert it, compressing the return spring by pushing the pivot point toward the muzzle. Shame you ain't closer to West London, you'd be welcome round the shed, it'd be done in a few minutes. Crimson will be happy to tell ya, how tricky it can be. We took it in shifts on one of his , sort of working on it until we got frustrated & swapping. Then, when I remembered the technique,
  11. Primary, mainly cqb, 5 mags. I haven't used it in woodland yet, as I prefer to snipe when I go out doors. This is why I plopped the 300mm barrel in & am working toward a 500fpser. Having said that, I think it would make a super 'outdoor' gun as it is in no way less accurate or out ranged by the aeg brigade. The only 'problem, is the low, ammo capacity, which can be a bit daunting, (for some) when faced with 500rnd hi-cap hosers. Greg.
  12. Now there's a good idea. Greg.
  13. The 200mm (not 220) barrel that I have been fitting, is a slightly modified TN, 6.04x200mm Berreta Auto 9 barrel, available from WGC for $25. I've adapted & fitted 5 of them now & the results have been surprisingly similar: +40 on the fps. I'm afraid I've not done any accuracy comparisons but it seems similar or slightly better than the stock 160mm barrel. It does not need a silencer, as it fits within the flash hider, with about 10mm to spare. It needs a little bit of 'file' work at the hop end & a new retainer notch. If you have a steady hand & a small file, it should ta
  14. It didn't need boring out or re cutting the threads or anything? Greg.
  15. Agreed. It made absolutely no sense to produce a bolt carrier that would out last the chassis it's housed in. Greg.
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