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  1. thanks for the heads up on this, im a bit disapointed because i love the G&P PEQ2 and was hoping this would have the same usability.
  2. Its $30 come on these threads get silly after a while and if its dim then you got a dud i used mine at the mall last sunday and the beam is blinding, yes its quite a tight beam but i like that.
  3. the real one is the same you touch it gently for flash and then fully press it to keep it on or off
  4. The G&P PEQ2 is for the win, very solid indeed you won have any backs falling off that one!
  5. My pantac MBSS in it developement stage just need to play a game or two to work out exactly where i want me bits and bobs.
  6. Still need to spray the 600c and the 501 but im awaiting on a CVL before i do so.
  7. yeah sorry for not saying it takes two and make sure you get some good quality ones i went for these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-X-ENERGIZER-CR123-...0#ht_1202wt_941
  8. received today, very nice little piece of kit. Very nice sturdy solid plastic bit like the real one, And yes you can hear quite clearly when people are talking to your without it being by your ear.
  9. good luck with getting the cap let us know if you do !!
  10. bet it must of felt weird ? I remember once being pulled over in my car by the police for a routine cheque after being to a skirmish, and having to explain why i had two m4's and an EBR in the boot, always a laugh.
  11. "When painting guns I tend to take out the internals," Well well over the top!!!! Firstly grab some kitchen roll and stuff two sheets up your mag well Next grab some news paper make a cone and stick it in your barrel. Next grab mar-skin tape and tape up any lenses or trades or anything you dont want paint to be on Next Spray be slow with this and use a dusting technique, a base coat is good then using netting or other similar things to add texture and LAYERS! Early example of texture,, Real steel main thing just have fun!!!!
  12. Haha just thought imagine getting on the tube with a new rif in its box
  13. i didn't realize there where any shops to go to in london wow
  14. yeah i had a similar thing on my last order no other delivery companies do that.
  15. fair enough thats exactly what im going to do then.
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