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  1. The one I have is made from just that. Tapped 12mm on the inside and 14mm on the outside. Very simple. In addition, for my sling points I use FAB Industries RAS sling mounts - real steel Israeli product, $14 or so. loop of paracord and into my single point bungee sling. (Or my tactical tailor Molle sling on my chest rig).
  2. why are people cursing about not being able to replace the KWA nozzle with a readyfighter? It's only the KSC japan model that has the weak cylinder.
  3. Ah, I see. In the UK there is rarely the need for me to get absolutely the longest range using a .2 - the wind will usually have blown it off towards the end of its travel. If you play in very open still places I can understand.
  4. I don't really understand why you can't use heavier BBs - "play lighter"? I use .25s or above but my gun chronoes 320-ish in this weather on .20s. Doesn't mean I have to use them. The delivered energy is the same.
  5. fair enough I suppose, but I prefer finding an ideal BB. MadBull 0.25 works for me, and KSC .30s another notch up. I wouldn't dream of using .20s in my MP7s, they are just too affected by the wind.
  6. like I said, 5 degrees C! quite a lot colder than you
  7. Thought i'd report in since my KSC just got its first real winter workout (been using the KWA all the time until now). It has RF nozzle and the KM TN barrel. I used it all day, maybe 1500 rounds in roughly 5deg C in an unheated warehouse and it worked like a champion. Using propane I was getting 320fps and the tracer rounds hit the center of my EoTech's dot every time all the way out to as long as the warehouse was (perhaps 60 feet). You simply cannot compare this experience to using an AEG. I'm selling all my AEGs now, these guns have proved themselves totally I feel. With these and
  8. which stainless outer did you get?
  9. I did 'em with a sharp leatherman blade. Ah, yet another "increase recoil" gadget I shall be avoiding.
  10. I've just had a PDI 6.01 put in mine and it's really sweet. 357fps. But be very careful with what BBs you put down a 6.01. Mine likes KSC perfect 0.30s.
  11. Well. Make sure you cut PROPER grooves in the RF nozzle's arms for the springs to sit in. My KSC's bolt has been opened up probably 6 or 7 times now, if not more, and the screws are OK. One of them in my KWA has broken. I wonder if your upgrade was done by someone who was a bit hamfisted? I wouldn't really trust a retailer more than an enthusiastic amateur, to be honest. Only go to a recommended gas airsmith if you don't have the skills and tools yourself.
  12. oh that's TERRIBLY interesting! Good man, that man!
  13. It isn't a KSC Japan, so it doesn't have the weak nozzle in the first place.
  14. the price will be what the market will bear
  15. You're not quite seeing the point -it's a gas gun, not an AEG - if it's 400fps in a 65 degree warehouse, what's it going to be in the mid-day sun? Too hot for CQB in anyone's language! Additionally, we've found that it's not just the style of rocket valve, but also the strength of its spring, that affects fps.
  16. Would someone really buy an old MP9 over a system 7 one because of trades? really?
  17. what's the eye relief like? does the laser zero with the red-dot or separately? moar infos please!
  18. we all worship The Greg. The Greg is Good.
  19. examine the BB follower in each mag - it's the follower that makes lock-back happen. There's a post on the KWS USA forums about this.
  20. Can you talk to them about doing an extended tb as well as a stock length? That'd be lovely. Ta.
  21. oh that's a damn shame man, sorry to hear that!
  22. awesome! please PM with me details of the cost etc that NPAS is gonna come in right handy now!
  23. indeed I do. www.novatcombat.com make and sell thread adaptors in a fetching aluminium. Works just dandy with my new TM tracer unit. It was 10 UKP.
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