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  1. they're all made in taiwan, KSC or KWA, doesn't matter. However, KWA say their branded model is higher specced for propane and so far, no-one has disproven that by breaking their cylinder and reporting it here or on the KWA forums. So far, so good. Mine arrives tomorrow, and I shall be comparing and contrasting with my KSC
  2. does anyone really care about trades? really? why? It's all about the form factor and performance for me. I like a gun to work for me and perform well. The trades are like garnish on a sandwich. Parsley. I guess if you're into wallhangers then maybe it's your thing.
  3. the information I posted is all fully readable on KWA USA's own forums. You can go and tell them there that they're lying if you like...so far, everything they've said about the MP7 that was being rubbished here (about the cylinder) has not been disproved, and that's in a place with far more customers and far higher temperatures for it to be tested in.
  4. the LEOs were buying KWAs for training purposes, it wasn't an objection to their overall appearance from 10 feet away, it was for their own identification, or that's how I read it. I don't need an object lesson in how armed response works. The KWAs spent 2 weeks in customs in the US before they were released. Again, down to realism & trademarks concerns from customs officers. There's no reason for KWA to make that up or falsify the delay, the delay wasn't good for them.
  5. There's no indications yet that the KWA will bust under any gas - it's only the KSC that has the iffy cylinder as far as we can tell. Fair dos for using a lesser power for CQB, makes sense - but I don't think you have to worry about it breaking so much. I should have my KWA this week, but a report from an owner of both now confirms that the internals are swappable into the KSC, and that the stock pad for the bolt to hit is thicker in the KWA. This is pretty much confirmation that the gun is pretty different. The trades are more accurate on the KSC - the KWA ones were made inaccurate af
  6. On the one I got enough shots through to wear in the hop before the cylinder gave in, it was getting really good. As good as a KWA G36c...not quite as good as a TM MP7. Accurate range was easily 150ft. As I progressed to heavier BBs (now using .30s) it just got sweeter.
  7. I have one. They are fanstastic, but the KSC's blowback cylinder is weak and will break within a couple thousand rounds, quicker if you spend a lot of time in full-auto. I have a KWA version on the way that has a better cylinder and got a couple of spare KSC cylinders until the inevitable guarder etc. one comes out. Amazing performance though. 350fps, great hop, very very accurate for a gas SMG. Like no other gas smg before it. I use 0.30s in it. Mine also has a scout light. Awesome
  8. I got it from Airsoft Titan - purely because they are based in the same town as KWA US. But I had it shipped to my sister's house in LA and she's sending on to me when i've stopped sending kit to her on an almost daily basis.
  9. bear in mind there are no upgrade cylinders yet.
  10. No idea if there's any KWAs coming here - only a retailer could tell you. more reliable? probably blown KWA cylinder? not as far as we know cocking handle - no. You could just import a KWA from the US. It'll be cheaper than the KSC.
  11. RA Tech must be the worst sales website in the known universe, and that's up against some pretty fierce competition in the world of airsoft.
  12. No - like it says elsewhere, they are licensed trades. They're legal.
  13. there is not a 14mm thread under the flashider. It needs an adaptor. Don't know anywhere selling the KWA in europe yet. Had to get mine from USA.
  14. the MP7s are system 7, so they blow the Mp9 out of the water, if they work properly. KWA versions seem to.
  15. The KWA pro shop page for spares has been put up, but there's no content yet. Allizard tells me there'll be spares in a week or two. I'm pretty confident that cylinder will be better - no news of any breakages in the US yet.
  16. my advice would be to phone them, place order by voice. It works so much better than the computer way with them. They use interlink for delivery, unfortunately, who are a bit rubbish, and more than once I've stayed in waiting for a next day package that never arrived. The gear's terrific though. Order by phone and chase them up the day of delivery to make sure it's on the way to you, and you should be golden.
  17. I'm sure Novatcombat would ship you one to the US...but they're a bit...lackadaisical...so you might have to persevere! If you know anyone with any machining stuff, they're not that hard to make. bit of aluminium tube and two thread dies, one inner, one outer. I plan to do exactly as you do with my KWA
  18. I'm using Bulle double MP5 pouches from flecktarn.co.uk. They're perfect. http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/ustmp5nx.html
  19. No, it went in the serpa perfectly. I've probably put 500 rounds or so through now. It's epic. .30s all the way.
  20. Awesome news. With green/propane, yeah?
  21. They've only just done the first production run. Most places have run out, but there'll certainly be more once the KWA shipment in the USA gets out to customers. Selfishly, I have five, soon six
  22. It's a TM New Tracer unit. And yes, a Novat adapter.
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