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  1. I agree, thats not a nice thing to do to an Dragunov
  2. okay so out of these two http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=567 http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/detail.aspx?ID=62 Which would you guys recommend for airsoft use?, and also they should fit on the ANK SVD right?
  3. Should buy the SVD version over the AK version scopes right?
  4. question lads, and ladys Best scope option? From kalinka optics which scope would be the best? illumated or not? any tips would be greatly appreciated:)
  5. Grobut what make is the second AKM down from the top
  6. damn that actually looks kinda cool in a really wrong kinda way
  7. very nice, i fear ive overdone my type 56 now
  8. it looks almost real, have you worn it at all? or just months of playing?
  9. sweet jesus that is just the best, whats the average that you've played with that for?. What make inokatsu? Great weapon
  10. i bought one and i only love the aesthetics(rightword?) at the moment. I fixed the first problem which was the gearbox cutting out but to do that i had to take it apart. And now the hexagon screws keeping toghether come apart quite easy.
  11. thats awesome, what make M4 is it metal or plastic?
  12. im loving how "far cry" some of these uzis are, have they been used since the very start or is it not natural?
  13. nice, what make is the rifle?
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