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  1. Scratch my post above,I read over your question too quickly and somehow thought you were talking about the M110. The SR25k should accept the silencer without mods. Too late to edit my post.
  2. Not unless you change out the gas block.
  3. Yes indeed that is a very nice looking rifle you have there Wingman.
  4. Second that,definately lose the LLM.
  5. That is absolutely stunning danielsilva,well done sir.
  6. Thanks for the compliment. I have an ACM M6 that I might throw on there for *suitcases* and giggles later on,but I was thinking about a nice torch for this gun,since it is probably the only accessory that will ever see those rails aside from a grip. In fact I dont know why I didnt throw it on there for the pic in the first place.
  7. This thread needs moar roller locked HK goodness. I decided to go with darker pictures because these are skirmish guns and as such the externals look...less than presentable under better light.
  8. This thread needs back to the top. Got a tri-rail for free with a parts gun,so,why not? I added a nice comfy grip and presto. Now I just need to stop pissing all my money away and actually buy that folding stock to complete this. And a recent adquisition,actually cobbled together from two parts guns. Now taking suggestions on a good torch for the tac jobbie.
  9. It seems you've smeared some sort of ugly brown substance on the end of your barrel, please remove it. Great looking rifle otherwise.
  10. Nice hand cannon but wash your hands before taking pictures next time!
  11. Not saying it looks bad with it but its so short.
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