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  1. SpecialistR

    M14 Picture Thread

    Look at the trigger guard
  2. SpecialistR

    M14 Picture Thread

    That is absolutely stunning danielsilva,well done sir.
  3. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Thanks for the compliment. I have an ACM M6 that I might throw on there for *suitcases* and giggles later on,but I was thinking about a nice torch for this gun,since it is probably the only accessory that will ever see those rails aside from a grip. In fact I dont know why I didnt throw it on there for the pic in the first place.
  4. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    This thread needs back to the top. Got a tri-rail for free with a parts gun,so,why not? I added a nice comfy grip and presto. Now I just need to stop pissing all my money away and actually buy that folding stock to complete this. And a recent adquisition,actually cobbled together from two parts guns. Now taking suggestions on a good torch for the tac jobbie.
  5. SpecialistR

    WE G39C GBB

    Or just hell no
  6. SpecialistR

    SIG Picture Thread

    It seems you've smeared some sort of ugly brown substance on the end of your barrel, please remove it. Great looking rifle otherwise.
  7. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Kill it with fire!
  8. SpecialistR

    SIG Picture Thread

    Not saying it looks bad with it but its so short.
  9. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    The whole unit(Cocking arms and frame.) do wobble quite a bit,but does he mean the actual grip(Plastic grip sleeve that goes over the frame.)? If he means the later then tighening the nut at the front of the grip might help. If it is tightened all the way and still wobbles then try finding something to put between the grip and the nut to fix the contact between it and the grip.
  10. SpecialistR

    SIG Picture Thread

    That 556 needs an RDS or Holo sight ASAP!
  11. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Its so shiny... Nice looking Mossy hero.
  12. SpecialistR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    My Marushin Mossy. RS Pistol grip RS heatshield RS raised tactical safety switch And TGS "steel" cocking arms Steel is in quotation marks because they are advertised as steel but as much as I tried I could not get a magnet to stick to them before I installed them. Now before anyone suggest I take a hacksaw to the barrel or remove the sights,thanks but no thanks. I quite like the longer barrel and my next step is a sidefolding stock.
  13. SpecialistR

    Glock Picture Thread

    ^ THAT! Is what i'm talking about that's what I wanted to see when I made my request a few pages back. Beautiful gun Jonny now all that is left for you to do is sell it to me.
  14. SpecialistR

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    No no no such behavior should not be encouraged.
  15. SpecialistR

    M14 Picture Thread

    You can attatch the trigger guard to the action without the stock and the mags will catch perfectly by the way. At least I can do it on mine.

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