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  1. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    (This was also posted by me on another forum) My refinished AKS-74U handguard finally decided to dry properly (or my patience started kicking in). Therefore, I decided to arrange a little photoshoot outside. Backstory for the AKS-74U: Started out as a Dboys steel 74UN. The finish was stripped, and it was cold blued. Turns out that heavy skirmishing in rain really makes it rust, so I decided to give it an oven-cured spray-on finish. I also bought LCT wooden handguards and gas-tube. I didn't like the finish of the wood, so I mixed up some proper shellac and stained the wood with some iodine tincture. I also used a dremel to shape the handguards a little better. A few days ago my Ukrainian tourniquet and Soviet field dressing kit arrived. There also is an LCT steel folding stock somewhere in the mail (it is more realistic than the dboys version). Then there is the VFC AK-74: When I first got it, the stock was broken and the front sight canted (I'm getting a new outer barrel of steel for free. Any suggestions as to what I should use it for?). No problem, as I already had a real-steel wooden stock set lying around. The rear sight also looked kind of silly, so I put a real one on it. I also spray painted and baked the whole front end of the gun. For some reason, VFC had decided only to have the receiver painted, while the rest was parkerized. Very silly indeed. After fixing the finish, I got a real-steel gas tube for it, and put a VFC dummy bolt in there as well. Realizing that it still was missing something, I bought a Dboys GP-25 for it. And then, I suddenly got a bayonet as well My lovelies together After all this, my Samsung S2 was starting to get a little jealous, so I got a wooden case for it and refinished it to something more Soviety There are way more pictures on my Flickr account. The pictures should be clickable. All questions are welcome
  2. Kamigawa

    H&K Picture Thread

    Quick question: What SEF trigger groups/housings/grips are available/recommended for the MP5K right now? I just might get a cyma MP5K, but I dislike the navy grip :/
  3. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Just a quick thought that I hope someone with a PTW can comment on: The Systema PTW guns seem to use some kind of slim motor. Could this motor be modded and used on an AK, and allow use of real-steel grips?
  4. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    My optics rail is finally gone! The three holes are now welded shut, and the welds distressed so that they would blend in nicely with the receiver. It looks really good in my eyes, even though some small "bubbles" can be discovered upon further inspection. Bluing the welds was no problem at all, and I decided to re-blue the rest of the receiver as well. This time I used Birchwood Casey's Super Blue, and it turned out a bit darker than last time I also used some super glue to strengthen the pistol grip, with great effect!
  5. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Thanks, I will do that :-) Are the other LCT grips also flimsy? If not, I might buy the one you were talking about.
  6. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Finally made myself shoot a few pictures of my Kalash AKS-74UN. It's one of the very first full-steel versions, that came with a horrid looking hardwood grip. That grip was eventually replaced with the updated Kalash laminate. I recently put some LCT wood on it, and I am really satisfied so far, even though getting my 9.6v battery in there is a real fight (LCT upper handguard has a realistic gastube). I think this could be solved by a thinner lipo. Other than that, I have blued most of the visible steel components and installed an LCT inner barrel, and a "bakelite" LCT pistol grip. The pistol grip is a bit on the flimsy side, but I think it can be remedied with some kind of epoxy. The bluing process took ages, as I didn't have access to sand blasting. I manually removed the finish with tons of fine-grit sandpaper and scotch brite, before applying Birchwood Casey's Gun Blue. I actually wanted to get Brownells Oxpho Blue, but importing it to Norway would have cost me 650$ due to special shipping for chemicals Close-up of the receiver. The bottom of the receiver is already worn down to bare metal The LCT pistol grip. I wish it was better constructed. I love how it looks. One of my new Cyma 5.45 steel magazines. I really like how they look (but I plan on bluing them ). Are they accurate to the real Tantal magazines? Now I'll just have to find a steel trigger, a steel outer barrel, a proper 74U sling and perhaps an LCT 74U stock (as it has the correct bent edges and such). Does anyone know where I can a cheap AKSU sling? The cheapest I've found is 35$. Also, do any of you have a good picture of a russian 74U charging handle? I'm planning to modify my charging handle
  7. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I considered it long and hard, but I eventually settled for cold bluing. I used Birchwood Casey's, but I think Brownells Oxpho Blue would have been much better. I'll probably do some nitrate bluing later on As for the optics rail, I'll give welding a shot. I have an extra receiver lying around, so I get to test it before I potentionally violate my 74U. Thanks for all the input!
  8. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    What kind of filler would work? Anyways, it would make my blued AK a bit less sexy if there were flat black spots on the receiver. It might look a bit better than the side rail though...
  9. Kamigawa

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I really wish AK receivers without side rails were easy to aquire. It frustrates me to think about how easy it is for Dboys to not drill those horrible holes in the receiver... I just want my AKS-74UN to look good, and that involves removing that "N" from it Can we sign a petition or something like that? Ranting aside, I will soon post a picture of my AK, so that I too actually contribute.

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