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    M14 Picture Thread

    I would be interested in seeing that, IMO it should have come out with cyma socom internals in the first place
  2. Those are M14 fitted with locally made stocks, scope mounts and bipods.
  3. Here are some lithuanian sniper and marksmen pics:
  4. Nice guide on making a decent P90 sling :)

  5. Well that PS90 looks quite nice in black What's the length of the inner barrel in this one?
  6. That looks... different. What is that?
  7. Now all that is left is to assemble the sling mount. Here's a picture of the single point sling attached: And here's me wearing it:
  8. Well i hope it's ok to post it here, if not, please forgive me for this This sling is till a work in progress, the way it is now is quite comfortable to wear on my right side with a single point sling. What you will need to make a p90 sling mount: ~40cm (~16 inches) of 25mm (1 inch) wide nylon webbing ~65cm (~26 inches) of 30mm (~1.2 inch) wide nylon webbing (you can also use 25mm here if you want) ~10cm (~4 inches) of 25mm (1 inch) wide velcro 1 x 25mm metal rectangle 1 x 30mm buckle (this depends on what ling are you going to attach, i use a 30mm wide single point sling
  9. Made it myself, it's quite easy actually If you want to i can post some better pictures of it and show how to make one.
  10. Hey everyone, this is my P90TR (bought it used) with a self made sling, sorry about crappy picture.
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