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    All your BBs are belong to me
  • Birthday 12/29/1978

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    Since I was about 10...which was 20 years ago :P
  • Toy collection
    Long Arms:
    SP M4-M203 hybrid
    Kalash AKS74 + GP-30
    TM P90 (RD&TR)
    JG G36C
    JG HK416
    JG G3
    TM M4 'NAF' (Loudest AEG in the world?)
    A&K M249
    TM Steyr AUG Phantom
    JG AK47S Beta
    Tanaka M700 (T-D)
    SP M40XB

    WA 1911 "Hitman"
    WA 1911 SCW2 S80
    WA 1911 SCW3
    KSC G23F
    KWA G18c
    CYMA G18c
    HFC M199 SE
    HFC Desert Eagle
    KSC USP .45
    Maruzen P99 (FS)
    Maruzen P99 (MP)
    Maruzen PPK/S
    Marushin Sturm Ruger
    Tanaka M629 (full metal)
    Tanaka Umbrella (6inch)
    Tanaka Performance Center
    Marushin Derringer (6mm)

    KSC Steyr TMP
    HFC T77
    HFC M11A1
    TM MP5 PDW
    Well Vz61

    TM SPAS 12
    Maruzen M1100 Defender
    M500 (8mm ACM)

    CAW M203
    SP M203
    MM Mini-Launcher (40mm)
    DF M72 LAW
    Gamma Claymore
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    Of course, Derkaderkastan!
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    Isle of Man

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    Isle of Man
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    Airsoft<br />building stuff
  1. Great info fella re: KA gas grenades thanks.

  2. Nice guide on making a decent P90 sling :)

  3. Catman’s Great.

    He’s the biggest Geardo in the Isle of Man, know everything about Gear and weapons and he’s everyone buddy. Keep up the good work man

  4. Catman

    What's your backup?

    My WA 1911 Hitman-styled gun is always on my hip with at least 2 spare mags. I've had quite a lot of times where it's been needed too. If I'm playing with the M700 then I'll have the MP5 PDW with me.
  5. Catman

    Videos Thread !

    I only wish he'd tried it with this:
  6. Catman

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My WA 1911's One mean AUG My Glock 18c all tricked up
  7. Catman

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Heres my Tanaka Umbrella revolver. I bought it because I just loved the barrel design - not a fan of resi-evil (never even played it ). This is one of the most fun guns I've owned. click for full size image
  8. Catman

    Catman's Gallery

    pictures of my collection

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