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  1. Great info fella re: KA gas grenades thanks.

  2. As rolling-thunder said - Look closely, you'll notice the magnets are on just about everything other than the lower receiver I've got the kalash AKS74 which is very similar.
  3. Not a PMag but still a 20 rounder Super-Uber-l33t-Sn1p3r-M249: (don't worry it went back to being normal after that pic )
  4. Nice guide on making a decent P90 sling :)

  5. Fantastic pics, really nice photography The event looked a lot of fun
  6. Nice review, looking forward to reports of field testing, what this thing is like on accuracy, range and consistency through an entire mag. I nearly bought one of these but then I remembered in time that I'm useless as a sniper
  7. I had a go on the WA M4 the other day. I must say the recoil is much better than I expected, truly a nice experience to shoot it. The gun doesn't feel right without a mag in, way too light. I noticed I could hear a slight twang on the recoil spring as it fired but it was of no big concern. The owner told me he only loads 20 rounds per mag as any more (in typical Isle of Man weather) causes problems. Sadly before we could shoot it much more it broke - some problem with the hammer not locking back (has since been fixed). Reading through (a good portion) of this thread, the gun has
  8. I'm surprised it took as long as it did for radiusing to be mentioned. Yeah the OP was a bit biased in his but that's understandable as it needed filing to go together properly and then broke almost instantly And if the gearbox isn't radiused, get that file out even if your putting an M90 in there As for getting 3 of the same product before to passing judgement on something? I'd like to see someone suggest that to... ohh say the guys in the WA M4 thread.
  9. Problem is the * doesn't always return the correct results for various reasons. As for modifying the code that's not a biggie as there's just an IF statement blocking the search, for example (and in English): X = 3 IF (length of search string is LESS THAN OR EQUAL to X) THEN bounce user to "search string too short" error message ELSE action search END of IF statement X just needs changing to 2 or whatever, you get the gist
  10. Once these aftermarket parts are made by someone and the gun can be structurally sound someone needs to then make a CO2 regulated powered mag - not for any extra power but so the gun can (potentially) fire off an entire mag in one burst. Would certainly peak my interest then
  11. Very true, for example if you're prepared to deal with a SP M16, it's a very nice gun, sure they're a hassle but then they are a classic airsoft gun that's something like 12 years old in design. Once you got the hop-up mod and 3rd o-ring in the valve they're much better - until then they're unskirmishable. The 3rd o-ring helps with consistency so the gun can shoot more than 5 rounds without sending them all over the shop . But like you say it's all about what you're prepared to deal with. Mind you the great thing about an SP is that it takes AEG mags and doesn't suffer cool down when run on
  12. The SP guns are great but Escort's been in a bit of trouble lately, special thanks to everyone's bestest mate SniperX Best place to pick up an SP is at http://www.classicairsoft.org/forum/index.php but you'll be lucky to find a 416 going for sale, they were made to order. If you decide to get an SP then make sure it's got the hop-up mod installed and a 3rd o-ring in the valve - ideally you want the vavle to be brazed also edit: vtb beat me to too, nice review btw
  13. ah cool the labelling looks great! I hear that they're developing a 44mm diameter 90second smoke grenade! Sounds extremely promising if it's anything like the current ones. My only concern is when will we see coloured smoke? As we can't use white/grey,black or any distress colours at our site and so far the spectrum smokes are only available in white I'm hoping they address this soon as practically everyone at our site is wanting to buy their smoke grenades No worries RSM your video's are cool, I find the biggest issue is actually the sound; it's hard to convey the volume and imp
  14. Catman’s Great.

    He’s the biggest Geardo in the Isle of Man, know everything about Gear and weapons and he’s everyone buddy. Keep up the good work man

  15. Yeah the bigger thunderflash was definitely the louder of the two for us. Here's the sample pack I got with my order. I'm told the labels are still being printed up so I got an email telling me which were which: I'm also told that the 3 & 5shot stun grenades have since had their timing delays speeded up I would really like to see an even bigger smoke grenade but the "Large Double vent" was extremely impressive, something the size of the standard military smoke grenades I can see producing a massive and impressive smoke screen I weighed them all up before te
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