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  1. UKSF lid finally finished. PVS-21 mount is a resin replica made by a guy on UKAZ called Hollywood. Comments?
  2. Some new pics. SAS á la 2008 TFK. Basically only a few details left to sort out. The PVS-21 mount I bought got lost in transit, currently looking for another one. Apart from that, I need a CT5 replica, a BHI lanyard and a MBITR replica (on the way). After those details, I'm going to more or less consider it done. Any comments or criticisms are welcome!
  3. Corrigan


    Looks fantastic! Love the paint job. Also, Drake is my hero.
  4. I'm not trying to replicate any rifle exactly (if I was, it wouldn't be a very good job: sight placement wrong, no paint, wrong armoury number on stock, lack of readi-mag, no tape on mag, no taped up front sling swivel, etc...). I posted the pic as an example of the stuff the SAS had on their rifles at that time.
  5. Thanks! The topmost pic is RS, yes. The top RS rifle has the same foregrip as mine (KAC as Mr. Kinnerly says). Both KAC and TG foregrips are commonly seen on UKSF C8s.
  6. Yep, it's a foretrex 101, as seen here: Actually, I took some pics in daylight today. Hopefully they're of interest to someone.
  7. C8 CQB á la UKSF anno 2008, now with added mud! You'll have to forgive the mediocre photography, I did my best with the crappy lighting available.
  8. More Task Force Knight goodness. Let me know what you think.
  9. When you say using, does that apply for 2008?
  10. I've seen the Ranger and SEAL pics, yeah, but I'm wondering now about CAG specifically.
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