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  1. I guess I'll just pick up a bigger belt pad then.
  2. That's what I was hoping for, but the duty belt dug into my hips where the belt pad didn't fully wrap around to. Edit: It seems my belt pad is a bit small because on much of the front of my belt, there's no padding (comparing to roecar's pics)
  3. Any advantages suspenders on a duty belt+pad has over a MOLLE belt with suspenders? Right now I'm running a TT duty belt and TT belt pad, was just going to pick up some HSGI suspenders (I'm correct in thinking they would hook up fine?) but found a used Pantac MOLLE belt with Pantac suspenders for the same price.
  4. VFC 416 Super DX Version: Need to get one of those quick detachable QD grips, PEQ 15 and EOTech.
  5. Thanks Kinnaird! I've got the cummerbund on mine too. Will be putting together a similar kit Edit: Just a start:
  6. Anyone have the pic with the guy wearing the FAPC?
  7. Split front chest rigs are much easier to get on/off.
  8. I think the newer ones have straps on the inside and older versions = just velcro. And you could get a HPC with cummerbund, they run around ~ 180. Now my question. Is it safe to assume a Predator would be ok for USSF? I haven't seen any, but considering they use DBT FAPCs and RAVs (Predator is DBT's RAV), you'd think it would be used.
  9. I was about to say the same thing.
  10. Go through this thread... there's a really comprehensive post on PJ gear. In short - if my memory serves me correct - a rappelling harness (Black Diamond, Blackhawk), Paraclete HPC or RAV with Paraclete pouches, or Eagle Air rescue vest, even a few RRVs plus a few (To be honest quite many, actually) other rigs. First line... you can roll with or without a pistol but it seems like a good idea too have another GP/med pouch coz that's what PJs do. For a real up to date kit, you'll want some Crye MC with MC gearz. Lotta good pics in the one link to mp.net. Just don't forget
  11. You can. HSGI makes a few utility pouches that can fit comfortably on the sides.
  12. There's already been several pics of it in this thread, and it's not too exotic or anything... None the less:
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