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  1. Use Dropbox to simplify your life. Get 2 gigs free plus an extra 250 megs: http://db.tt/ZCVHrbl1

  2. Very loosely based on CCTs. Comments and critiques welcome. Help me make it better
  3. How about replica Ops-Core FAST Bump and Ballistic helmets?
  4. Pic request: Multicam uniform, tan/khaki tactical gear, and a FOLIAGE backpack.
  5. Haha Medic, I was just about to post this very pic here myself and what do I find? masakarijoe: Yeah, yeah, someone pointed it out as the photo was being taken. But it was too funny to not finish. Do you know how hard it is to get a guy to levitate for a photo? Here's the same photo off of the blooper reel:
  6. You can just make out a kid standing at the driver-side door. You can also make out a round in flight. The round impacts on the kids dome, killing him and everyone in the truck. Also happened the same day: Yes, it's a real snowball. Yes, it's really on fire. No, don't ask why.
  7. 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron? Are they any different from run of the mill USAF Security Forces? If they are, these pics make a lot more sense. If not, could this be the first example of a "regular" unit running Multicam? Wiki, says 1st SOSF Squadron falls under the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group as do: * 1st Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron * 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron * 1st Special Operations Comptroller Squadron * 1st Special Operations Contracting Squadron * 1st Special Operations Logistics
  8. Air Force seems to be the most blatant about rocking Multicam. Does that give hope to ABU being replaced?
  9. These pics need to be posted in the AFSOC thread. These are epic!
  10. Super low-key, overseas traveling loadout. Picture taken at Gaudi's Parc Gruel in Barcelona. -TAD Gear Braincase in ME Green -TAD Gear Neck Gaiter in ME Green -TAD Gear Explorer Jacket in ME Brown -SO Tech Go-Bag in CB -Additionally there are no less than four weapons, real and airsoft, in this photo (no, not really, just photography equipment)
  11. Ya'll mean advancing to the rear right?
  12. I think this picture kind of says otherwise... Couple that with:
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