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  1. Boar

    WE G39C GBB

    It's the image in Riko's signature. No idea if there's any danger from the image but it's hosted at a site known for hosting malware.
  2. Boar

    Kalash AKS 74U

    Steel isn't as impressive as other steel guns? Which guns are you drawing comparisons with mate? To a certain degree steel is just steel. Now obviously that is a bit of a generalisation that proves wildly untrue when it comes to other uses for steel but within airsoft and especially when it comes to Metal Body Kits I'd assume that most steels used were of the same composition. So what exactly about the steel is worse than other steels? The carbon content? The heat treat? Or do you mean the pot metal gas block and outer barrel?
  3. Boar

    Kalash AKS 74U

    Yes, a short piece of electrical tape wrapped very tightly around the threads. The flash hider now fits on very securely and it's easily removed.
  4. Boar

    Kalash AKS 74U

    I wrapped some electrical tape once around the thread for the flash hider and then screwed it down. It is now solid as a rock.
  5. Boar

    Kalash AKS 74U

    I have tried King Arms midcaps and CYMA Highcaps in mine and they fit without problems. They dont "click" into place but they fit and feed without problems and are rock solid once they are in the gun. You are right in that the flash hider is a bit loose as the gun comes, I forgot to mention that as it took me roughly 15 seconds of work to fix. Anyhow, I make no apologies for an overly positive review of a gun that I personally am very happy with.
  6. Boar

    Kalash AKS 74U

    Such as? I never said it was perfect, however what AEG really is? But for the price it is very good. Anyhow I would appreciate you illuminating me as to the cons you feel I overlooked.
  7. Those were both really great.
  8. Gear Box: Ver.3 Magazine: 500 Rounds Length: 498-735mm Weight: 2680g Battery: AK Stick Type Battery Muzzle Velocity: 350-370FPS with 0.2g BBs Contents: 1. Introduction / The Real Steel 2. First Impressions 3. Skirmish Report 4. Conclusions 1. The Real Steel. The AKS-74U (nicknamed the Krinkov[1],) is an ultra-compact assault rifle designed in the Soviet Union that was in production from the early 1980s until circa 1991. The AKS-74U ("U" for "Укороченный"/"Ukoročennyj" [shortened]) was developed in the late 1970s from the AKS-74, a folding-stock variant of the AK-74. The ea
  9. I dont want to derail the thread much more, but could you give me a link to where you bought it from please?
  10. So is it the Horn Custom Rifles one then?
  11. Where did you get that upper btw? I've seen it a few times and I know it's a copy of the HCR one...or did you buy it from there? Also I take it that it can be removed from the gas tube?
  12. Mine came in the post but moments ago... I echo all of the sentiments already expressed here, the gun is fantastic, well worth the price of admission. I have to say it seems as if a few things have been changed on my version (the seller mentioned it was the "new" version...just not sure how new). The upper handguard is rock solid, and the wood colour is a nice deep red. Honestly I don't believe that Kalash would have acted so quickly to change these things so perhaps I'm just viewing it through rose -tinted specs. Either way it's a nice gun. Cheers Snorkelman for helping me make the
  13. the M14 at the moment only comes with a fake wood stock. The Socom comes with a rather lovely black stock.
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