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  1. How did you go about ataching your butt, is it permanent or removable?
  2. I was under the impression these had the earlier reciever without the forward assit button, would that be wrong?
  3. That is absolutely amazing, you really need to start your own company, and watch your products fly off the shelf. I'm assuming the 30rnd shotgun cartridge is what you are using for a magazine
  4. That is one particularly sexy gun, never seen one of these in airsoft before. Is it one of your own project pieces? Gotta say guns do look so much sexier with wood furniture
  5. Loving the Fals on here, need to get my hands on some wood furniture for my own. Having said that, how big a job is it to fit wood parts to a Fal/SLR king arms or star, can anyone give me some pointers?
  6. Nice review, though I was in hope of hearing more favourable news about it, looks like my love hate relationship with the browning continues
  7. Lol, not an intentional mistake, don't want your brain to melt
  8. A major thumbs up for Begadi from me, excellent service, fast shipping, top notch communication. Their gear is awesome, I've steadily been replacing all my gear from other retailors like tactical tailor with begardi's kit, seems to suit my putposes so much better, and are so much easier to pick up supplies of
  9. A lot of people have fallen foul of the same problem with the pre order for the val and vintorez, they're having to pay back a phenominal amount of money because of this. My personal advice from experience of waiting for pre orders to reach the shops, don't do it, wait until it's confirmed as available, as stated above by Mike_West, Chinese pre orders get announced years before they sometimes get released, look how long the BAR took to emerge
  10. Sorry my bad, meant to stipulate, AEP barrel, you can actually get one specifically for the Skorpion
  11. For those of you that want a decent holster for your VZ61, try this http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Combat_Gear_Holsters_Milspex_MK23_Thigh_Mount_Pistol_Holster.htm It was designed for the mk23 socom, but works perfectly with my skorpions
  12. I do have two of these, great guns. I love using them in CQB, there small compact size allows me to squeeze through small gaps whilst still on aim with the minimum of fuss. Replacement parts are easy to get hold of, though upgrades are rarer now, but to be honest the upgrades have one fatal flaw anyway, they really suck the juice out of your battery very quickly. Improving the hop rubber is an easy fix, using an AEG hop rubber and a craft knife. Personally I got my self a couple of pistol 6.01 inner barrels, with marvellous results to range and accuracy, which does get me some funny looks cons
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