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  1. Hey, aren't those are the lowers that Zib Militaria sells ! Awesome
  2. Real Sword Type 56, still the best I ever owned
  3. Anybody has some news on the fullsize 9mm M&P from Cybergun ? Can't seem to find it on their site or I could be going blind, that's also an option...
  4. hmm seems legit about the Cybergun thing. They already have the compact model don't they ?
  5. Anybody has a lead on HK3P M&P in stock ? Preferably the full-size model... Airsoftglobal has the compact model, but not the full sized. Did some searching around but nothing popped up.
  6. What strikes me is the usefulness of the iron sights on the H&K That being said the pistol grip on these those things seems very nice, very nice indeed, looks comfortable. Are they GBB ?
  7. That department of energy blaster ROCKS... Anyways here's the Army Armament R43 in its natural habitat. shoots and feeds like a dream, real deal stock, handguards and carrying handle... fit without issue.
  8. Well... that is still the best looking Block II rifle on this board since a looong time...
  9. Here's my 'nam era Type 56 ( RealSword ), weathered it the "Coke" way... And you know the funny thing ? I sold it ... Here it was all original... Here are the magic ingredients... No more no less...
  10. You do that "greenside" has nothing to do with the environment you are in do you . In some strange way this has come to live a life on several forums over the years... But is completely unrelated to the environment you are operating in. Check here for more info... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Marine_Corps_Force_Reconnaissance#Mission That being said, AOR2 looks nice nonetheless...
  11. Buddy wants me to install a tighter barrel in his Sopmod, you guys have any suggestions ? Rest is staying dead stock...runs just fine. Anybody had good experiences with certain widths ? brands ? Standard TM is 6.08 MM ?
  12. Anybody knows if they still make the Marui clones ? The army r41 and r43
  13. Hell yeah !!, the bottom one is the same as above
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