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  1. Long time since posted, not sure much changed (since dont get to play to often). But my 2.5 ARs
  2. wazzy1013


    ahhh, the Blaser i saw was for sale at $700 or obo'd . Oh well, something else will always come along the way later on
  3. wazzy1013


    really, i didnt know they were APS2 compatible. I probably would of picked the one i saw up (as price saw it at was good, i think). Only issue would be trying to find mags
  4. wazzy1013


    yeah, i wish i had a good paying job so i could of gotten some of classics of seen . Almost pulled the trigger on an Asahi Blaser r93 as well as Bushmaster; but the price made me cry inside for a "wallhanger" ; so i put more money into PTW's instead, lol
  5. wazzy1013


    ahhh, even so, for 24 y.o. it looks almost fresh out of the box from the pics; as cant even see said scratches. Im not a big classic person, but of course over the years ive seen your pics of your several Asahi W2k , yet never even heard talk of a silver one. Grats on the find and purchase
  6. wazzy1013


    @Wolf damnnnn , that looks almost brand new
  7. yeah, ive been looking at that model for like 2-3yrs now, like the led, strobe, and being a lefty, under barrel is where I want to situate the lif9
  8. @Ivan , how do u like the 720? I've been looking to get one for a long time, but never see people running it
  9. yeah, meant the acog; as ive wanted one for like 5+ yrs now; but never at a price i wana spend, lol.
  10. @mrf, do u think the pts flashhider would work well with the big dragon suppressor piece ?
  11. @ wolf TM or kwa base 45 ?
  12. Could be wrong, but think he meant the RS MRP uppers are $1.2k
  13. O.o , looks amazing , got a link for where to possibly get; and if not to rude in asking, but $$$ ?
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