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  1. Hast anybody a Source for the A2 Buttstock?
  2. Thanks for your answer guys. Can anybody make some pics from the Fire selector for me?
  3. Does anybody knows if a rs or we upper will fit?
  4. Does anybody know, if the KA M203 fits without modifications to the sopmod?
  5. Here in the video it seems thats the magazine holds round about 30 gramms gas. In comparison with the kjw m4 which holds 49 gramms. 1:42 - 2:15
  6. Thanks for your answer. Is the fire selector removeable like the WE AR15? Can anybody make a video?
  7. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to modify the mws to a semi only version? (laws in germany allows only semi-auto guns)
  8. The gas storage of the ghk magazine is much bigger then the marui ones. marui holds 25 gramm and the ghk 35 gramms.
  9. Hi guys, does anybody know if a systema gearbox fits into a DTW Max3 without any problems?
  10. Hi guys, is the scar L or H hopup unit compatibel with the 416?
  11. Has anybody here tried to fit a g&p upper reciever for the sopmod/socom?
  12. Bastel

    KJW M4

    Does anybody knows where i could get a new bb loader adapter? Has anybody the current email from kjw for ordering?
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