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  1. What jacket is that Pkekyo?
  2. Frogfish, how do you find the fit of the boonie? Idk if I have a big head or if it's made to be tight
  3. Do you know how much it would cost without the buddy price?
  4. I do miss Josh and the rest of the Gunman crew terribly
  5. RG is soooooooo awesome, I need to get home to put my new RG pouches on my vest.
  6. Do you play at the Gunman Cold war events?
  7. Jolly15


    I fail, 10in is the best one though for SCARs.
  8. Jolly15


    SCARs almost count if you believe.
  9. Maritime Load Carrying System, and Amphibious Assault Vest.
  10. FSBE is the equivalent to MLCS, its the whole kit. He has an AAV vest in woodland.
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