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    From the album: Guns

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    From the album: Guns

  3. Scope looks like its modelled after the low magnification tasco sights like this sort of thing. Which is what I'm getting soon as I think the rail hugging look works better on an AUG than a normal scope with mount rings. I'm also going to be removing my grip because it wobbles too much for my liking, but I'm going to replace it with a barrel mounted grippod.
  4. Daymn thats a huge gun! Stealth hoodie looks sweet.
  5. But thats the true essence of geardo. You have to have the kit but more than that you have to know how to make it look good.
  6. STUNTMAN: yet again proving he is the alpha geardo Brilliant as always
  7. asmc.de has a pretty good selection but there is a minimum value order (50 euro I think) and its still in Europe so you'll have to wait a while for shipping. On the bright side you can deduct tax which is a 16% saving!
  8. Nope. Its from ehobby asia here. I was just browsing around and it looked like an excellent way of shoehorning a massive battery onto an AUG without a battery sling. I dimensioned it using photoshop but it wasn't quite as big as I thought, hence the modifications required, an 8.4V large would be a prefect fit though.
  9. I assume you mean the dump pouch in which case no. Unless its full, but if it were I'd be out of ammo at which point I'm less bothered about that and more interested in getting somewhere safe to reload The vest is this one but I got it new on ebay for £100. Its my most expensive bit of gear but its definitely worth it IMO. Molto-Mario: My fleck is from that site and its excellent quality. Slight fading but all the stitching is intact and very sturdy. They were all "issue new" which is I assume equivalent to grade one. Personally I don't think the boonie was worth having but that's m
  10. Not as well thought out as some people here, but it works really well for me.
  11. Not a bad price from diamondback. Anyway, here's me: I need to tidy it up a bit and there are a lot of pouches flapping about because I don't have anything to put in them. Some decent gloves wouldn't go amiss either.
  12. Those are some cool looking goggles. Where are they from?
  13. My AUG is nearly finished now. CobaltSky seemed to have some interesting ideas a few pages back so I might be nicking those if its OK with him The battery pack was a pain to fit. Wasn't quite big enough for a 9.6V large so I had to make some modifications involving super glue. Awesome ROF now. Comparison to M14 I'm just waiting on a new scope and foregrip.
  14. An AGM M14 I've been fixing for a mate. It was so fubar I had to order an entire replacement gearbox in the end. He took the opportunity to add the aimpoint and bipod as well. He isn't a big guy and I worry that he won't survive a whole day of gaming lugging it around. Looks pretty good though.
  15. Uncompany have it. So it seems its significantly longer than the normal one.
  16. Is the 500mm length for the short version or the "sniper" one, and what is the required length of the other?
  17. An act is something that has been written into law, while a bill is a proposal.
  18. Thanks. Thats a great help
  19. How did you do the faded effect? It looks really good.
  20. Here's my (very fingermarked) JG AUG. Its internals are mostly systema except for the piston, which comes from a marui, and a PDI 130% spring. The systema piston was utter rubbish which was surprising considering the apparent quality of the rest. I'm going to re-wire it tomorrow with deans connectors and then it'll take a 9.6V large battery in a pouch on the stock. Depending on what area the pouch covers I may run the wire though the ejection port, so I'll have one of the only front wired AUGs lol. I also plan to spray it OD and get some proper optics for it.
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