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  1. NeoVenom: I'm insanely jealous of your 2010 micro-front-flip-up sight right now.
  2. You need more sh*t hanging from your rifle. Metal body? Go KA or VFC if you have the extra dough. Were you aiming at recreating a block II gun? Cause I've never seen a block II M4 with an ASAP or M203. All the rest is the tits though! Thumbs up on the Specter DR. Leave it there! You have it? Flaunt it
  3. Kojak: your block II rifles are insaaaane! And accurate for once. Tired of those so-called block II rifles with just a peq15 and some kind of freefloat RIS. Really jealous right now x_X Noveske: digging that Trijicon reflex dot. Where d'ya source it?
  4. It's an AABB . It's really nice, I particularly like the fact that it's jet-black, and not grayish like my previous WOC. However, the paint is very fragile (contrarily to WOCs). I handle it very carefully but this saturday, I'll be skirmishing the gun for the first time. Hope it doesn't get f*cked up too bad. Worse case scenario, I guess I'll have to find some kind of way to get Gunkote in Communist France...
  5. Damn gun is finally skirmish ready! It ain't perfect, and there's still stuff missing, but it's in a complete state and it runs nice and hard with GHK C02 mags! I assembled it completely from parts. There's no base gun to this piew-piew. Here be some pictuArs! Stuff still missing: CQD sling plate CQD RIS sling attachment point G&P DBAL-2 Decent steel outer barrel, flash-hider, mag catch and forward assist A2 pistol grip 4 position stock with John Mason butt-pad
  6. I fully agree. Very nice blaster. Is the T-1 mount a Dytac or RS? The short 4-pos stock looks wonders with that John Masen buttpad. I'm saving this pic for future reference.
  7. Arion

    USP Picture Thread

    Hai guyz! Not sure this really belongs here, as it's not an USP... Pictures are ###### because it's night-time over hear. As soon as some decent natural sunlight comes back 'round here, I'll be sure to snap a couple more pics. I luv it! It shoots nicely and it's seems rather accurate (will give more feedback after a game or so). Huge though... mer hands are tiny Now, I'm off for a long, very loooong, epic quest, seeking after the Holy Grail: a metal slide and barrel for this bad boy.
  8. If someone could try out WA mag compatibilty, it would really, really be awesome. I'm sure a lot of people are still hoding back because of that specific blurry part. Moreover, is it possible to slap the complete upper receiver (BCG and all) on top of a WA lower? WOC/INO/Prime spec? Anyone?
  9. Crossing my fingers so that my custom built M4 GBB-R WA CO2 ready works for my upcoming game. :x

  10. Arion


    Lack of trigger discipline. ... Hell, what was I expecting?
  11. Hey Somegirls, I heard the VFC GBB-Rs can take WA mags as long as there is no valve lock. Can you please confirm that? And if they do, does the bolt stop function work? It's a real deal breaker for me. If the VFC HK416 can take WA mags, I'll buy it. If not, too bad, I'll stay with a pure WA plateform.
  12. Love your bloc II inspired blaster Kojak! Does your PEQ15 adjust windage and elevation? If so, what brand is it? Jet: beautiful HK416. Seeing the correct trades and the bolt carrier, I'm guessing a trademarked WE right? How does it perform out of the box? Needed lots of modding? Geez, everytime I see a 416, I feel like not getting a GBB-R M4 and waiting for the VFC HK416 GBB-R...
  13. is loving his newly arrived authentic KAC RIS and panels!

  14. I tried to fit King Arms AEG plastic hand guards onto my WOC back then when I had one, it didn't fit. Don't know if that's any help to you...
  15. Thanks for your write-up USCMCorps. Once again, you're da man! I'll try your charcoal compound powder + clear matte coat method. I'll post pics once it's done. I just received my Milspex fACOG TA31. I wanted a magnified (x4) optic, adjustable (not like so many cheap copies), with decent markings and back up iron sights. All that at a reasonable price. I didn't want to drop 120$ or more for a hit and miss optic. I grabbed the Milspex on Ebay (still many in stock) for a mere 75$ or so shipped. I'm very happy with it, the fACOG lives up to my expectations externally. Didn't field it yet, so n
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