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  1. Great Review Crunchy Bunny I have just ordered this gun cause of this review... I also hope to add the romanian grip to it later! Looks Great!
  2. Well Looks like ill have a new Cyma AKM on my doorstep in a week! Ill take pics...
  3. I was talking about the pad on the end...
  4. Hello I was wondering where I can get this buttstock (?) Sweet Rifle JoJo Thanks!
  5. Hello I was wondering if KA M14 Mid Caps fit in Cyma M14's If they dont what is a good brand of mag that will fit in the gun (preferebly box set Mid Caps)
  6. Thanks alot Snowebeat realy helped alot!
  7. When does it come out...? and what is Cymas address url? or where did u find the news about the steel ak their releasing EDIT Im sorry Bronco I dont know what AKM Stands for.
  8. Hell0 this is kind of a newb question but im not big on AK's so here I go Which one is more an assault wepeon. Cyma says one of these is an AKM and doesnt say ne thing on the other one I noticed the difference of the Upper Recever, Gas Block(?),and scope mount and mag so could someon pls help Thx! http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=3887 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=3691 Thx again
  9. Paint the stock then it will look great it will all match.
  10. I dont think CAG carry that much ammo though...
  11. Yes-for-the-700th-time! (not-trying-to-be-mean)
  12. Picture-Of-my-Colt-Trades http://api.photoshop.com/home_d765f08f6707...a030dcf0ac3b920
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