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  1. More Nutria as promised: First one's the best: And some others:
  2. Thanks guys. I'll have moar pics on the way soon after last weekend.
  3. Some rather unexciting pics of me running the Saffa kit at the local games. Note my nasty tan goggles.
  4. Interesting use of the PAttern 83 vest....Nice kit none the less.
  5. I probably should have not mixed but I don't own a DCU shirt. I know I've seen SAD guys and AFSOC with mixed patterns, but your right, not to many Army SF. Worth a shot though.... The AK is actually alot more worn then it looks. Missing paint and various other things...
  6. Semi Correct early OEF SF impression: Clothing: -BDU top and DCU trousers -Merrill MOAB Vent. Mids (not really accurate for the timeframe) -Nomex flight gloves -Tacticool Fishing hat -Shemagh 1st Line: -Civi Leather belt -LBT Leg holster in Woodland with Glock 17 2nd line: -PACA Armor carrier -LBT 0290A Chest rig -USGI Radio pouch - U94 PTT with (not pictured) Bowman headset 3rd Line: -LBT 1547a Ranger Ruck Gat: -Romanian AIM
  7. AndyJP, how hard was the modification to put the wood on the 10/22?
  8. South African Pattern 70 webbing loaded up.
  9. Get the SERPA for a Glock 20 and it will fit a stock TM G17 nicely.
  10. Damn dude. That turned out great. Really nice SPR.
  11. Is that an IBA under your harness? Interesting combo.
  12. Did it take any mods to get the PGC slide to fit? I bought one and heavily modified it and it still never fit.
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