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  1. was a nice sunny day outside, took some pics with nice light would have posted it in the above post, but I cant edit it anymore
  2. naah aint real steel, it is CYMA but a hicap - 800 rounds of joy
  3. or just make your own like me and my friend made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxu3whha4LI
  4. nope, its made by deepfire
  5. no its not a galil mag, CA sells these for their FALs
  6. update on my SBR104 - TDI handguards + Tangodown stubby NOTE that the ultimak is not fully compatible with the TDI handguard, there is not space for the second barrel clamp between the went holes
  7. SuperJesus37: where did you get a Vz58 sling?
  8. cm.040B? looks the same as mine started, nice
  9. a hell lot comfortable than the standart grip, at least for me uba: not sure about the mag, a standart 7,62 would look nicer
  10. actually what heavri should have said instead of DMR that its more of a target /sporting rifle. I also think that DMRs should be lightly moded standart rifles using the same ammo as the rest of the weapons used in a group. tom_clancy84´s gun just looks so big and bulky and then there´s just this little .223 mag sticking out of it, if these parts were put on a SR25 chassis it would look nicer
  11. thats a matter of view, to me they dont, you should have stated what they are (king arms mutants) instead you labeled them as AK magazines
  12. but of course that is not an AK magazine
  13. really looks nice DFM65, could you provide some detail drawing of the piece? I would really like to make my own.
  14. supreme! too bad that no airsoft company makes one.
  15. Finished my, what I call, SBR104
  16. no that is not true the adapter screws on anti-clockwise (unscrews clockwise) and the flashider screws clockwise (unscrews anti-clockwise) to the adapter some pics since its a pic thread
  17. well gents I just recieved my CM040B and the flashider and adapter COMES OF NO PROBLEM. I didnt have to drill anything.
  18. one question, how did the people at the factory managed to get the flashider on, if your saying you cant take it off unless tearing the threads
  19. bought an ANPEQ2 battery case, I like it more than the new PEQ15s, it looks kinda oldschoolish now. Still missing a BUIS any thoughts? Was thinking about a TROY sight.
  20. thats gonna be a really hard conversion eh?
  21. its Vz.95 (pattern 95) it is used by the army of the Czech Republic, you can buy it almost in every army-store in CZ and also in Slovak republic.
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