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    aside from the obvious hobby, i am a big fan of rusty ford sierras and vw campervans, ski-ing, outdoor persuits, camping...... all the stuff i did as a kid....... kinda never grew up. Also various other shooting disciplines - hunting, target, air rifles, 12 gauge - my wife thinks i have a bit of a gun fetish!
  1. At the Fortress in Liverpool (Hawaiian shirt) At RIFT Cottenham (rubber knife.... Out of ammo)
  2. Alternatively, just buy the Vanaras ones for £19.99.
  3. A "voluntary contribution" to help grease the wheels of industry? This must be the only place on earth where that doesn't already happen! Am i correct in thinking Admins are volunteers and not paid staff? So you have to put up with all of our whines and moans (with the odd genuine request) out of the goodness of your hearts? I think a prize fund is great idea - If i needed to VOLUNTEER a small amount of cash for inconvienienceing you with trivial matters and it works out to the good and benefit of the forum, well that can only be a good thing in my mind. You will of course run
  4. Bugger. Meglamaniac, what beer do you drink? PM me your address and the cost of a crate - ill get some USD$$$$ and post 'em out to ya.
  5. i can't find anything in the UK other than on the older stuff... do you have links to it on US forums or similar... I have made a bold statement and thrown down the gauntlet in pubic. Humble pie tastes like ######, but if i owe, i owe. That said i don't like getting played either so i want to be certain!
  6. how long ago? i know the first few attempts were so poor i would have been better off going into a fire fight with a pea shooter, and i am pretty sure their barrels were brass on all previous attempts., but this new barrel is hardcore. Stainless Steel is stronger in tension, compression torque and shear than brass which is why i am sceptical it was one of the new barrels your buddy straightened... but i am a man of my word and the offer stands... if you have photos, or better yet a video diary (unlikely i know) of the job being done on the latest stainless barrel i will honour my wager and
  7. My mate who runs Badgertac has sold hops, ECU's, and a motor to replace Systema parts. He also sold a receiver, but i think this was more project or spares based as opposed to direct replacement on failure. This i why i can confidently state that if i got the customers' permission i could produce invoices to prove the fact. You are probably right in your "arms race" argument. As whole Celcius are blatantly keeping up with the Jones' but they do have their own improvements too. If they steal enough of each others technology we will end up with the "perfect gun" sooner or later. Wit
  8. I fall into the "*beep* with chip on my shoulder" catagory for sure! We are sailing off topic here, but to echo your sentiment. I couldn't give a rat's behind about who uses what. The gun is only a tool to facilitate a style of play... At longmoor i was with 2 guys with TM EBB. Some guy with a springer shottie got the drop on us and smoked all three of us before we knew WTF had happened (my right ear was stinging for ages!). Passions have clearly been fired, the original point of the thread was to let people know there is a cost effective alternative to the PTW. The chip on my shoulde
  9. Snappy comeback... YAWN Admittedly you didn't say it had never happened - but the way it reads certainly implies you meant that. My reply was somewhat tongue in cheek and sarcastic undoubtedly, but you cannot reasonably argue it served no value to the airsoft community as a whole. In fact the only section of the community it does not benefit are the PTW retailers. I am guessing you own a PTW (we already know many of your friends do). Why would they not be interested in replacement parts for a fraction of the cost, or in the case of the barrel (well, the straight ones...), hops and other p
  10. "PTW owners have "upgraded" their gun with Celcius parts? I know a lot of PTW owners, and I've yet to meet a single one thats fitted any Celcius parts!" I know a lot of guys who claim to regularly perform certain sex acts with girlfriends or wives... i am yet to witness it first hand, but it doesn't mean it hasn't happened purely because i can't prove it! "Some run CTW barrels, after they straighten them that is." With regard to the straightening barrel thing, your statement holds no water. Finely machined to 6.00mm dead with most BBs rolling in at 5.95mm +/- a gnats whisker. If
  11. Thanks for the tips. I agree I could buy and upgrade a regular AEG to do a similar job, but there would not be the warranty and that is a big thing for me. I am ham fisted, sausage fingered idiot with limited dexterity... Do I want the hassle of a build or the cost of replacement parts? Not really. If I can get a superb out of the box gun for a little more than an upgraded AEG AND have the comfort of a warranty I think it makes sense. If I can get a systema for less than half price... Well that makes ALOT o sense!
  12. Okay, I think i love this gun... The following review is based on a field test at today's skirmish at Longmoor FIBUA village organised by Charlie and the gang at Ambush Adventures. How i ended up taking a "risk" on a CTW: (i will cover the risk part later) I called Ratty at Badger Tac and explained i was in the market for a high end piece of kit with the emphasis being on a gun suitable for quality kills (range and accuracy) as opposed to spraying hi-caps and getting a quanity of kills. He suggested the CTW... yes, i know he is one of the only CTW stockists in the UK, they
  13. sadly i dont have any pics as it was about 7 years ago. whilst living in germany, a mate and me were driving the autobahn in his old corvette (5 or 5.3 litre) or something similar. hit some black ice and then piled into the centeral reservation. by the time we stopped rolling and spinning there was no car left. we were both sat in what can only be described as a roll cage with seats. our injuries were no more than a small cut on the head and a wrist injury between us. bottom line... corvette, fast in a straight line. cant turn. *suitcase* in the ice. however, if you are gon
  14. when you said electric guitar... i didn't think you meant 240!!!
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