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    Fixing my motorbike and wondering why I even bought british
  1. We couldn't be that lucky, I've had my Silverback a fair while now, and the mags are still a pain in the *albatross* to change. Hi caps could relieve the pain a little
  2. I've been running my ICS L86 on 7.4 lipos for a couple of years, I suspect the L85 will be just as robust. There's a guy where I play's been running his on an 11.1 since he started using it, ICS makes things pretty solid (though I wouldn't go to the 11.1 extreme on mine).
  3. Eh ? You're an armourer ? P.S. Fight the urge to break into song.
  4. I really like the look of that, not 100% sure why, but hey.
  5. Just got myself a set from them, it's utterly awfull quality, appalling sized too. Fortunately, my mother in law is Canadian air force and has sourced me a full set of the real deal. In summary, the Flecktarn uk guys should be ashamed for selling this .
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